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  1. Edge also mentioned how much he likes Wake Up Dead Man. That'd be a great setlist addition.
  2. The Joshua Tree Tour is worth seeing for many reasons, one of which is the movie images on the giant horizontal screen. Anton Corbijn, the guy who shot the Joshua Tree album photos, shot mini films for each of the Joshua Tree songs. The clarity of the images, of things like southwest scenery or a Salvation Army band, along with the beauty of the images, really adds to the experience. U2, the veterans they are, aren't dumb. Kicking off shows with a 4-song attack of Sunday Bloody Sunday/New Year's Day/Bad/Pride is a guaranteed way to get a crowd fired up.
  3. "What you once were isn't what you want to be, anymore" is a great lyric. 2 others that jump to mind: "In the beginning, We closed our eyes, Whenever we kissed, We were surprised to find so much inside" ​"Took to long to see I was wrong to believe in me only"
  4. New record, 'Antisocialites', still streaming on NPR. Released Friday, so I doubt it's streaming much longer. Really liking it.
  5. This looks REALLY interesting. If/when I can, I'll contribute. Now not a good time for me. The time period that Bennett was in Wilco was magical. The band could seemingly do no wrong. Summerteeth, in my mind, is Wilco's pinnacle. "Pieholden Suite", I contend, is the best Wilco song ever. Bennett also added GREATLY to the band's live performances. When I think of those concerts, I imagine Bennett with a cigarette dangling from his mouth and he's playing lead guitar on a Zeppelin cover. Good luck!
  6. For me, "You're The Best Thing About Me" is opposite of The Blackout...it gets better as the song goes along. Kinda like it.
  7. I agree. The first minute or so is pretty exciting and cool. Then it falls apart musically and lyrically, imho.
  8. Pretty cool...Coldplay wrote a song for Houston: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_FD9uOTixg
  9. Agree. Nearly all the songs on the record are standouts. Knocked Down & You Don't Have To Go, in particular for me, took a few listens to reveal their subtle greatness. It's the different sounds and builds throughout. To me, a really amazing record.
  10. A blurb from Pitchfork's review. Pretty spot-on to me: "A Deeper Understanding is also a fascinating study in influence; it’s hard to think of a band with more obvious touchstones that also sounds so original. Over his last two records, Granduciel has chosen a very particular slice of music history—mid-’80s rock made by baby boomers with synthesizers—repossessed it, and built a new world within it. Like the music from that era, A Deeper Understanding is all about contrast, the push and pull of rock grittiness and authenticity, while the layers of keyboards and studio sheen give the music a dreamier quality, suggesting the kind of imaginary spaces dreamed up by future-obsessed ravers."
  11. Tweedy's quote about the song: “My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice,” Tweedy said in a statement. “He used to say, ‘If you know better, you can do better.’ America — we know better. We can do better.” How do others interpret the quote? I think Jeff is trying to say that we can learn from our mistakes of the past. Or maybe that we all have consciences that guide us...we need to listen it. But it also comes across that if you didn't vote for Obama, you're not enlightened or intelligent. For me, political songs are dicey. I believe the U.S. is filled with a vast majority of heads-in-the-right-place people, whether on the Left or Right. I think nut-jobs on the very extremes of both sides, with today's news cycles and social media, make it SEEM a lot more divisive and ugly that it actually is America. I'd guess 95% Americans or more are for "All Lives", whether black or white or brown or old or unborn.
  12. So Trump was born at the end of a noose? What came down with blues? I enjoy the song better thinking of Belichik.
  13. Paste magazine starts their Wilco song blurb with, "The politically charged song..." Who's Jeff singing about? Trump? The extreme whacky right? The extreme whacky left? Bill Belichik? Darth Vader? Not a bad sounding song. Kinda has a Mermaid Avenue vibe.
  14. Agree 100%! Really amazing stuff. Search the Kimmel performance from last night's show...they sang "Pain". "Holding On", "Thinking Of A Place" and "Strangest Thing", along with "Pain", make it seem like the new record will be a classic.
  15. Me too. I've listened to it a number of times. Really great. The R.E.M. version is fantastic. Campbell's cover of "Ghost On The Canvas" is great as well. It's neat to hear Westerberg's emotional, spare take compared with Campbell's fully-produced, professional version.
  16. With Berry departing the band, "Up", it seemed to me, forced the band to re-think how it would make unique sounds. I think the experimental sounds, combined with Stipe's lyrics of overcoming or keeping one's head above waters in bad times, makes "Up" one of their great records. The early, jangly, mysterious R.E.M. is the best R.E.M. I think a vast majority of R.E.M. fans would agree. But post-Berry R.E.M. isn't the disaster that I feel some seem to think it is.
  17. Don't know if anything R.E.M. put out beyond the 90's is deserving of Top 50, but they had some gems in their last decade. Fave 5 R.E.M. Songs, Post-1990's: 1. We All Go Back To Where We Belong 2. Every Day Is Yours To Win 3. That Someone Is You 4. I'll Take The Rain 5. Beat A Drum
  18. That could be REALLY worth getting. Supposedly, a couple unheard full songs and a few music-only recordings from that time could be part of it.
  19. R.E.M. has SO many great songs that lists like these are kinda fun for debate. Flowers is a definite Top 10 for me. Driver 8 is hard to argue against. Kohoutek (#96) and 11th Untitled Song (#110) are 2 others that stood out to me as being way too low.
  20. Exhibit A: 61. Green Grow The Rushes 62. Flowers Of Guatemala The list is wrong. I don't think I need to make any other arguments.
  21. Cool Jagger clip. And yeah, the Prince jam on Harrison's song definitely fits "epic".
  22. Wanda Jackson w/ Jack White, on Late Show With David Letterman, January 20th, 2011, singing "Shaking All Over": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzDfYidKU5c
  23. Future Islands' "The Far Field" is out. And it's very worth buying. Catch 'em on Conan tonight.
  24. Not really a Wilco song, but I'd love to hear a live version of Loose Fur's "Hey Chicken".
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