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  1. Neat list. Agree with much of it. Standing O doesn't seem appreciated enough. I'm tempted to say Hotel Arizona because the vibe of the song is cool as hell. Or Dash 7 because....because....I don't know because, I just damn like it. Or ALTWYS because that studio version is SO incredible with Jeff's urgent, slippery-sounding electric guitar riffs. Or Solitaire because of its lyrics. But I pick PIEHOLDEN SUITE.
  2. Agree on Shake It Off. That, along with Walken, are 2 I've never liked. Leave Me Like You Found Me & I Thought I Held You are 2 of my favorite all-time Wilco songs. Mostly for the vibe they put off. And I love the musicianship in the latter.
  3. William & Emily - Richard Buckner Can't Leave Her Behind - Lee Renaldo & Stephen Malkumus (Bob Dylan cover) Give Me A Nail - Billy Bragg & Wilco (Woody Guthrie) I'm Still Here - Tom Waits Love Is The Truth - Jack White
  4. John Prine's Tree Of Forgiveness New single, "Summer's End": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XLaIFTmJF8
  5. Been listening the new album "Ruins" a lot of late. Agree with OP....the sisters' harmonies sound so damn good. The song "Fireworks" is classic, and "Nothing Has To Be True" is a powerful way to close out an album Seek out the recent KCRW session. They do a cover of Heart's "Crazy On You" that might be better than the original. At least as good.
  6. One of standout moments, to me, listening the Jack White album teaser a couple weeks ago, is the opening phrase to "Connected By Love": "Woman, don't ya know what I'm suffering from. Ease my pain....". I liked how it sounded. Then, when the song was released with the video, hearing that audio bit married up to a visual of the Virgin Mary statue was really powerful for me. The song is, overall, uplifting &. hopeful & passionate. Cool organ. Like the background singers. Interesting how music can hit, or not hit, people differently.
  7. Jack White's back! 2 new songs, "Connected By Love" & "Respect Commander".
  8. As a stand-alone, Force Awakens was a good movie. And, if considered as the only other Star Wars sequel or prequel, The Last Jedi is a even better. But that's not the reality. The original, beloved trilogy from the late 70's and early 80's DID exist. And that original trilogy was something extra special. I think Disney made a mistake. Either give the Skywalker family a noble, worthwhile exit over the last 3 films, or start the next generation films post-death of those characters. Disney wants their cake and eat it too...try to satisfy the old guard AND get every young male and female in the world on board as well. None of you agree that the new films lack the soul that the originals had?
  9. At least the prequels had Lucas' amazing world-building. And Episode III almost made the prequels worthwhile. Obi-Wan, in the original 3 films, didn't have the swagger that Solo had. Solo shoulda died in a way where maybe his cockiness and confidence got him in trouble. My biggest issue is, if Disney decided that they just want to get on with the next generation and dump Solo/Luke/Leia, then they shoulda just announced that the new Star Wars takes place many years after Return The Jedi...far enough in the future that Solo/Luke/Leia were dead. Why didn't they? Really simple. Had they announced that, they know millions of middle-aged fans of the original trilogy may not have wanted to invest in a new trilogy. Again, it's a kick in the balls. Watch Hamill's reaction after the premiere. Listen to him talk about it. It's seems apparent that Hamill got suckered. He seems to have no idea Episode VIII was his end. Worse criticism on the new trilogy: if their concern and focus is the next generation and wanting fans to care about and love Rey/Poe/Finn, I think they've done a not-so-good job...none of the characters resonate emotionally like any of Solo/Luke/Leia. Heck, I'd add Obi-Wan, Yoda, Vader and maybe even Lando. To me, there's not much soul in the new trilogy.
  10. Anybody else, who were fans of the original trilogy, feel like this newest go-around of 3 episodes is a big middle finger to fans of the original trilogy? We saw Han die un-heroicly, without fight in Force Awakens, Princess Leia virtually a non-role, and maybe 20 seconds of Luke all the way at the very end. Now Luke's gone. I get that Disney needs to make a billion-plus every year on their new purchase, but no need to kick us fans of the original in the balls so hard.
  11. I can't decide between a private beach in Michigan, a valley with a shortcut around, or rosin smells and turpentine smells from eucalyptus and pine.
  12. To me, Bon Jovi will always be a one-hit wonder band. "Wanted Dead Alive" is so freaking cool and so freaking great. I find the rest of their output so freaking NOT cool and so freaking NOT great.
  13. Good call on Tuesday Afternoon. I've never quite "got" the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame. Regardless, glad the Cars got in. Same for Dire Straits. Bon Jovi not so much, but they're the perfect type of band the RRHOF wants to celebrate. OF COURSE Radiohead is deserving.
  14. And he just released a 4-minute teaser of it. And what a teaser it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=245&v=QClzlZTXj4Y
  15. True. Maybe the more-pronounced disconnect for me is their overall love for hip hop & rap, which I've had a hard time ever getting enthused about.
  16. Tweedy, to me, has the most comfortable voice ever. Trying to think who'd be #2 on my list. John Prine maybe. Michael Stipe. Victoria Williams.
  17. Pitchfork's 2017 Top 100 song list is out. Am I the only one who, after skimming over it, feels really out of touch with modern music? Is it okay that I'm familiar with about 4 songs on the list? Or that, sampling many songs in their Top 20, I didn't find even one of them something I'd want to add to my iTunes?
  18. Those are good descriptions. Lisa Germano would be the female singer I'd pick that most reminds me of Tweedy. She's gloomier but just as honest and real-sounding.
  19. Maybe it's because I saw the Joshua Tree tour, which was very much focused on America, but I kinda didn't like that the SNL set seemed focused again on talking to America. Hard to not sound preachy coming from a band from Ireland. Kind of a minor complaint. I think they mean well and truly love the U.S. and like performing over here. All I Want Is You is a great song. The Slane Castle video on Youtube from years ago that is this song followed by Where The Streets Have No Name is one of the greatest things I've ever seen/heard of U2. The Red Rocks show from the early 80's is great!
  20. Don't really have a great album, though I DO think traditional albums like Steve and Eydie's Christmas or Elvis' Christmas records just sound right, as corny as they may be in parts. I want to give a thumbs up to the Flaming Lips "A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn't So)". Really great.
  21. Yeah. Somehow his voice sounds relatable. Like he's as flawed, unsure of himself and maybe overly-sensitive about things, as ALL of us human beings are to varying degrees throughout all our lives. Really like his voice in early Wilco especially. Comfortable.
  22. All of the political lyrics, to me, sound really forced. I wish I could hear the record before they re-worked it after the election. "Middling" is a fair term for the record. I prefer "Songs Of Innocence", probably because it's personal nature likely helps make it sound truer. "Landlady", to me, is the best song on the new album. Really pretty. It would sound good as a track on Wilco's "Sky Blue Sky". "The Little Things That Give You Away" is nice, as is "Love Is All We Have Left". Really like "Get Out Of Your Own Way"....really fresh sounding for U2, but going back to my first sentence, it's like they shoe-horned a few political lines into a song that doesn't sound like was meant to be. Kind of a weird record overall.
  23. I'm a fan. So many great songs with Minus 5 and Baseball Project. Prayers work. He'll be in mine.
  24. Yeah, that was the most interesting part of the interview. I think Tweedy and the band DID sincerely want Jay to get help and get better, but the documentary movie more than hinted at the possibility that Jay's personality didn't jive with band members and/or the band didn't particularly like Jay. It's life. People don't always like other people or get along with other people. But it's a shame. Glad Tweedy got out of a situation that he thought was harming himself, but wish those 2 could have stayed together and Jay gotten better as well. Musically, it was a magic time.
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