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  1. I heard the same thing, I keep waiting for Jeff to finish a line with “but I was a bit too leisurely “
  2. Oh my this is so much better than I could have ever hoped it would be. This album has always been right at the top for me, the songwriting is that good, but the original production and mix always made it a chore to get through. This new mix is undeniably how I always hoped it was supposed to sound, Swinging Party, come on man, tears of joy! That bass line is pure bliss!
  3. Also, to echo what A-Man says above, you guys should check out the Wilco Album by Album discussions on the Steve Hoffman forum, it would be a good source of material for the podcasts. Here's a link to the song by song discussion: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/wilco-album-by-album.957427/page-302
  4. 1. Nada Surf - Never Not Together 2. Blake Mills - Mutable Set 3. Guided By Voices - Surrender Your Poppy Field 4. Stephen Malkmus - Traditional Techniques 5. Phoebe Bridges - Punisher 6. Cafe Racer - Shadow Talk 7. Ben Seretan - Youth Pastoral 8. Soccer Mommy - color theory 9. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Reunions 10. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - K.G.
  5. Fair enough, I guess I will let you off the hook The way you feel about this song, I feel the same way for several tracks on SBS. And I think it was Jason that had the Walmart version quote!
  6. OK guys, I have been listening to this podcast for awhile now. While I have mostly enjoyed the show, and thank you guys for the attempt, but how in the WORLD could you crap all over Country Disappeared? Not trying to be Wilco fan boy here, but to call it uninteresting, uninspired, poorly recorded, "Wal-Mart" version of a SBS song? Wow, this track to me is one of my favorite Wilco recordings, a perfect blend of lyrics, melody, instrumentation, full of soul, great solo, harmonies (BTW it's Pat singing with Jeff), etc. To each his own, but I think you guys BADLY missed the mark on this one.
  7. I will play: Sunken Treasure She's A Jar Poor Places Laminated Cat Muzzle of Bees You Are My Face Country Disappeared Whole Love Cold Slope Having Been is No Way to Be
  8. Album A for me, can't go wrong with Misunderstood as an opener, I like IG to close out side A. Airline opening Side B is a good choice, kind of taking it into an acoustic direction (exception Hell is Chrome), then closing it out with Late Greats / Bob Dylan's Beard (maybe as a hidden track?)
  9. Pretty good little tune there...thanks for the La's recommendations, really digging "Feeling" Probably my favorite from Slanted, that or Trigger Cut
  10. So I was making a Spotify playlist the other day of songs that are under 2 minutes, and was trying to find songs that are complete songs, not just short instrumentals or breaks between real songs (White Album, Wowee Zowee, Tommy, etc.) I was surprised that many of my favorite bands have some pretty good complete songs under 2 minutes, here are some of my favorites. Do you guys have any personal favorites to add to the list? Never Talking to You Again - Husker Du I'm In Love With A Girl - Big Star Buzzards and Dreadful Crows - Guided By Voices (kings of the under 2 minute song!) Three Girl
  11. All I want for Christmas is a shot in the arm...
  12. Same here, had heard of them but never listened to any of their stuff until Absolute Loser this year. Back-tracked and LOVE Ruminant Band, and really all their stuff, including the EDJ "solo" album.
  13. Agree on the sound, definitely Petty/Springsteen/Being There vibe to a few of their albums. I really liked Furr, dropped out quick on Destroyer of the Void, and the band really, but went back to it this year because I really liked Wild and Reckless. The second side of the Destroyer album has me hooked, really good stuff.
  14. War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding Blitzen Trapper - Wild and Reckless Julien Baker - Turn Out the Lights Derek Webb - Fingers Crossed Father John Misty - Pure Comedy Feist - Pleasure Big Thief - Capacity Spoon - Hot Thoughts Hiss Golden Messenger - Hallelujah Anyhow Thundercat - Drunk Right outside my top 10 (for now) Jason Isbell Paul Weller David Bazan Fleet Foxes Albums that I "discovered" in 2017 that were earlier releases that stayed in rotation all year: Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer of the Void
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