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  1. just grabbed the show too. thanks for the tip.
  2. This is a good list that is updated daily. https://www.npr.org/2020/03/17/816504058/a-list-of-live-virtual-concerts-to-watch-during-the-coronavirus-shutdown
  3. Ha! The infamous video where Bob Egan jumps, falls off the stage and still plays his guitar!
  4. Wow, thanks! Hadn’t heard about that either. Checked YT and found this:
  5. Big Thanks to WFUV! You can listen online or the radio if you live within the area of broadcast https://www.wfuv.org/summermusic June 28 - Wilco and Courtney Barnett at the Solid Sound Festival (The live broadcast will begin around 7 p.m. EDT)
  6. Any Julian Lage Trio fans on the forum? I'm a newbie. Listening to the Julian Lage Trio shows posted on Dime from the last year or two and blown away. Seek out the Germany 2018-01-18 show. It's a great one. Where should I start in terms of album recordings?
  7. Bummer. Missed it. Hopefully they post it online.
  8. Interview starts around 53:00. https://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/83036
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