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  1. I did get to see Elton solo at one of the Neil Young Bridge shows. Amazing how great it sounded stripped down with just him and a piano.
  2. This happens more and more as I get older. Just rise above the noise and confusion.
  3. Enjoyed Ozarks much more than I expected.
  4. Just picked up tix for Elvis and the imposters at Fillmore in Denver. Never thought I would get the chance to see him.
  5. Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
  6. Reykjavik airport has great bathrooms. Like little suites. But other than that, not much experience as it's always just a stop on the way to Scotland.
  7. Have to admit that Slowdive did nothing for me on 1st listen but it's on enough lists I think I will revisit.
  8. Guided by voices in Denver.
  9. Radiohead Cars RATM Dire Straits Judas Priest It's very simple and non subjective.
  10. That Nixon fella was quite a piece of work.
  11. Drove 20 minutes to the record store to buy this and found out its not out until next week. But I picked up a sealed original Husker Du album so no loss.
  12. Well that song is all kinds of good.
  13. It's a very quick read. Non stop action.
  14. I loved Ready player one. And everybody I loaned it to seemed to love it.
  15. Isbell at Red rocks. With Frank Turner.
  16. Saw green day in 1994 and have not seen them since. Very curious to see the change.
  17. I may actually retire in Ft Collins. If I can afford it by then. Becoming another Boulder.
  18. So Westerbergs son is going to my Alma Mater. Ft Collins is a great city.
  19. My circa 1988 digitech delay seems to be dying so looking for something new. Anybody have experience with the TC Electronics ND-1? I notice people have the flashback on here. How is it? I'm thinking I want something with a tap tempo adjust. Been so long I don't know what's out there.
  20. I would say: Bee Thousand Alien lanes Isolation drills Do the collapse And FACE (pollard solo)
  21. As always, great summary by BBop. I loved it. Been a few years since I have seen them. Glenn is still doing the rock star pose I see. The "Nothings" in Misunderstood have been pared down. They just seemed like a band at the top of their game. I was a bit worried as I thought the sound for new Pornographers was a bit muddy but Wilco sounded great. Of course I was much closer for them. Jeff seemed in really good spirits and smiling alot considering his week. The Nels solo in impossible Germany just gets more and more amazing every time I see them. That guy is a beast. It was such a perfect nigh
  22. Wilco with New Pornographers
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