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  1. Yesterday: GBV Today: GBV Now: GBV - Alien Lanes Most likely tomorrow: GBV
  2. What's people's take on this? Sounds pretty solid to this human's ears.
  3. I haven't really ever got into Nick Cave's albums, but right now this sounds bloody marvelous. One question: what next? Should I investigate The Birthday Party first, or begin straight with the Bad Seeds albums? Any experts?
  4. Your musical compatibility rating with cryptique is: Super. Can't think of anything great you hadn't heard, so here are a couple of decent Finnish power pop bands: Lemonator (myspace) These guys had Jon Auer singing backup on their last album, and Ken Stringfellow on the one before that. Ultrasport (myspace) Good song, if you don't mind the accents. Ultrasport - Nothing Can Go Wrong http://www.last.fm/user/peqger/
  5. I've been pretty burned out on Wilco for a while now.
  6. Josh Ritter - Empty Hearts Akron/Family - I've Got Some Friends Jens Lekman - The Opposite Of Hallelujah Vampire Weekend - Boston/Ladies Of Cambridge Ultrasport - God Save The Architects Trying to parse together my end of the year list.
  7. There's propably a gazillion of these, but Caesars' We Got To Leave is definitely one of them.
  8. Long may you run Mr. Young, long may you run.
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