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  1. Yeah, I missed out on the union chapel for some reason... Was very miffed after the Brixton cancellation, especially as no reason was given. Full set lists posted on the Wilco Facebook page: Roundhouse London, UK setlists: Night 1 - Friday Oct 28th: Art of Almost I Might Ashes of American Flags Bull Black Nova I am Trying to Break Your Heart One Wing Side with the Seeds One Sunday Morning Shouldn't Be Ashamed Born Alone Jesus, Etc. Capitol City Handshake Drugs I'm The Man Who Loves You Standing O Impossible Germany Dawned on Me .. Whole Love Shot in the Arm Night 2 - Saturday Oct 29t
  2. I've still got a ticket from that as well. I prefer the Roundhouse and the area more to the Academy and Brixton. No decent pubs there and getting back, for me, is a nightmare from there. I'd like to see another Tweedy solo show in London...
  3. Awful video, but great track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-rK4Ee45dk
  4. Recently bought Jesus of Cool on coloured vinyl from Yep Roc's sale. Lovely. He's playing the Cambridge Corn Exchange next year. I shall be going.
  5. Yeah, Rich T was there on Friday night. I was there with Helen on Sat night. I completely forgot to email you - my fault! It was only when I was walking to the Roundhouse did it dawn on me, so I kept an eye out but must have missed you. The Nick Lowe thing is STILL making me smile....
  6. Nick Lowe coming on stage for the encore made an already special night even better. I think that's the happiest I've seen Jeff and it showed on stage - an incredible night. Certainly the best I've seen them. I was standing almost next to the crutches guys, trying to avoid getting hit on the head at one point! I liked the Roundhouse as a venue too - my first time there. Wonderful building. I also now own a Wilco scarf. Just in time for the cold snap approaching... I tried looking out for you Andrew, and thought your Giraffe like stature would stick out!
  7. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised Andrew! Second show went live last night, you can listen / see the track list here http://welcomethevisitor.tumblr.com/post/12025308339/27th-october-2011
  8. I listen to it a lot, certainly in the car, got a great road-trip vibe to it and a lovely smooth production.
  9. Ha! As the French were starting to find their feet I was beginning to wonder with the AB's would bottle it again, but you kept your nerve. Nice to see the team look so pleased as well, such a relief!
  10. This is a bit of blatant self-promotion, but I've recently been given my own radio show on a local community-run station in Cambridge, UK. Named after a Jim O'Rourke album, it's called The Visitor and my debut show is now available to stream / download: http://welcomethevisitor.tumblr.com/post/11431161810/track-list-13th-october-2011 Second show is live this Thursday, 7-9pm UK time. You can stream it live, but I'll post a reminder nearer the time if people don't mind!
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