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  1. August 1st, 1992. Irvine Meadows Amphitheater. Jerry Garcia Band. It was Jerry's 50th birthday and the first time I had seen JGB in 3 years. The energy around the venue was high for Jerry's birthday and I was there with my then wife, who had seen the Dead numerous times but never JGB. We nestled in at the front of the lawn with our blanket and made ourselves cozy. I asked my wife what she wanted to hear that night and she said "wonderful World", which was her favorite song. I laughed and, unfamiliar with Jerry's setlists for the previous couple years, told her there was no way they were going to play that. She responded with "You never know". I again laughed and joked of all the things I would do for her if they played her favorite song. The show went on. Set one was great and included and fun "Breadbox". "Shining Star" opened set two and both of us were beyond pleased. But when they broke into "Wonderful World" to close the show we were both floored. Neither of us thought it was possible and here they were, playing her favorite song of all time. We were filled with immense joy. Later I discovered that "Wonderful World" had been in the repertoire for the past year but it didn't matter to us. Twas a very special evening.
  2. Standing outside a Banyan show in Long Beach having a smoke (back when I used to smoke) and Stephen Perkins came out to bring his kit in and ran into some friends who were standing out there with me. They started talking and lit a joint. I joined the conversation after taking a hit off the joint Perk had passed to me. Later, after the show, I was at the bar ordering a drink and Nels walked up. I bought him a shot and we chatted for a bit. I mentioned that I had seen him play with Wilco earlier that spring at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa and he spoke at length about how special the experience was for the whole band to play that venue. Banyan killed it that night, as usual. Nels, Watt and Perk at their best.
  3. Arrived early for an Autumn Defense show at some coffee house in San Diego in 2005 - like four hours early. The coffee shop and the actual venue were essentially separate from one another by a wall - a different door/entrance, etc. I was sitting with my brother, flipping through a local weekly entertainment paper and saw that Alex Degrassi was playing somewhere nearby. I got up from our table (we were the only patrons) and went to ask the guy pouring espresso for directions but he hadn't a clue as to where the venue was where Alex was playing (it was a church). I turned around and saw two familiar faces - John Stirratt and Pat Sansone - standing there smiling as I, in a very surprised manner, said "hey I know you guys". They returned my greeting and asked me what I was looking for, as if they were familiar with the area. I showed them the paper and John said "I don't know but we can try to help you find out" and Pat said "Yeah come with us". We went next door to the venue and both of them went around asking people if they knew where this church was...John found someone who worked at the venue who knew and introduced me. I thanked them, grabbed my brother and went on our way. We later returned for the Autumn Defense set, which we both thoroughly enjoyed. But the highlight of my night was how kind the two fellows whom I had only seen on stage were to some strange dude in a coffee shop.
  4. Love me some Barry Glassberg. I wonder what ever happened to that guy.
  5. This is the best record I've heard so far this year. Has some similarities to Sea Change but better, imo.
  6. Turn on: Supposedly Turn off: Supposebly
  7. Tragic indeed. Such a talent. My heart goes out to his family and those close to him.
  8. Most but not all... "What ever you do... take care of your shoes"
  9. I am aware of this strange rule. But I feel that, like Amour in 2012, Blue is the Warmest Color deserves not only a nomination for Best Foreign Language film, but for Best Picture. Likewise, the performances by both Adèle Exarchopoulos and Léa Seydoux were as good if not better than anything I've seen all year and both were overlooked for best actress nods.
  10. Blue is the Warmest Color was, in my opinion, the best film of 2013. It's a shame (but not surprising) that the film and it's cast received no love from the academy.
  11. I was going to suggest 10/27/79 for a great Brent show but really all of fall '79 is hot. Also, Spring '90 was a hot year for Brent. He and Jer were so in sync every night. As was the entire band.
  12. Pretty simple for most home networks: 1. Download and install a Bit Torrent client* 2. Select download directory on client 3. Click on download link from BT site * select "Yes" when asked if you would like to make a Windows Firewall exception
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