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  1. Finally finished listening to all 11 records, and reading the book. The box is maybe the most thorough story of an album coming together as I've ever seen. Great hearing all the different versions. My only complaint is that I was hoping that by buying such a massive set it would come with downloads (I know you got them from the wilco store and bandcamp, but got mine at my local record store). I'd really love to listen in the car.
  2. Has anyone seen whether you get the download code no matter where you order from? I just placed an order from deepdiscount.com for the 11 LP version. It came to $217.45 after using the code, PLUNGE (just in case anyone is interested...it's the cheapest I've seen it). I just had the thought that maybe I won't get the download unless you go through official site, though.
  3. The WXRT songs being on vinyl in the 7 LP set is confusing to me. It seems like the same amount of records are dedicated to the live show (3) in both sets, so I'm not sure how they fit on one set and not the other. Maybe a misprint on either the 11 or 7 disc version? Also, I think "Love Will (Let You Down)" might be Won't Let You Down
  4. I was able to download the songs, but it was a bit overly complicated. I could purchase the songs here and here and even though there was immediately an option to download purchased music it didn't work. I went to my digital orders page on amazon and there was an option to download and that worked.
  5. I also know this is a long shot, but if anyone is willing to pick an extra copy of these singles up to mail to me I would be really grateful. Thanks!
  6. Looks like it is a Record Store Day Black Friday release. Limited to 2,500 copies. It says "First Release," which I think means that it is supposed to be released traditionally later on if I'm not mistaken. https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/13191
  7. Based on Run Out Groove's facebook page we have about a month more to wait. "If you missed our pre-order, there is still a chance to pick up a copy at your local independent record store when we expect to ship around the first week in June."
  8. Amazon has Being There deluxe vinyl for $45.02, and currently has a a buy one record get one at a discount (a $12.63 discount), which makes it $63.96 for both Being There and A.M.
  9. If it's recorded well it would be cool if the Troubadour show would come out on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday or something like that. Also, I'm pretty surprised and disappointed that there is no mention of a digital download. I was also surprised about no download included in the Tweedy solo record. I hope Wilco isn't abandoning these.
  10. I would also love to see the notes on the live tracks. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get a digital version of the live notes with the vinyl package.
  11. I got the vinyl set tonight, and I'm sure it's nothing...but I noticed that the inner stickers have grooves on them, similar to how Jack White's new record felt, when it had hidden tracks that played through the labels. My tone arm won't go that far in, so I can't check. Like I said, it's probably nothing, but it might be worth checking out.
  12. Thanks. Think I'll give them a try.
  13. http://www.oldies.com/product-view/38597V.html?c=gbase&gclid=CPrsuJ3OwMECFWkV7AodO1UAhQ This seems to be the best price on the vinyl. Has anyone ever used or heard of oldies.com?
  14. Makes sense to remove the live tracks. Not a bad vinyl tracklisting, but it's very disapointing that "Who Were You Thinking of" isn't on the vinyl release. It's live, but that's the only version of that song. I would have gladly sacrificed The Jolly Banker (since it's already on MA3) for that song. I'm happy to be getting songs like "Cars Can't Escape and "Panthers" on vinyl.
  15. So, it's a 4-LP set? It seems like too many tracks to fit onto 4 records. I really hope they don't cut some of the tracks off the vinyl version.
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