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Mr. Kidsmoke has bugged me on a few occasions to share some ephemera on the site, and today seems as good a time to start as any as it's the anniversary of the first time I ever saw Wilco. It was June 9, 1995, at Tramps in New York City. Despite the fact that I was 19 years old and had already lived away at school for a year (and had rode the subway every day to go to high school before that and was hardly sheltered), my parents were very insistent that my dad should pick me up after the show so I wouldn't have to ride the subway home to Brooklyn late at night. Being naive about shows-- this was the first "club" show I'd ever attended-- I told him to pick me up at 11 p.m. Of course, Wilco played well past that. I faced a dilemma. I felt bad about my dad sitting outside in a car waiting for me (and this was the pre-cell days where there was no way to communicate with him), but I also didn't want to leave and give up my prime spot at the front of the stage and miss the rest of the show. (These were also the days when no one was lining up early to secure spots on the rail. I walked in when doors opened-- I worked in Manhattan during the summers and was basically killing time after work until the show started-- but it was quite a while before very many other people arrived.) Ultimately, my sympathy for my dad won out, and I left before the show was over. I don't remember exactly where I left, but I know I was still there for "Reincarnation." There were seven more songs played after that, including ones that would end up on Being There, but I'm not sure how many of them I saw. When I tally up the songs I've seen, I have to stop counting after "Reincarnation" for that show. (It was an interesting crowd. The Uncle Tupelo songs got the loudest reception. A.M. had only been out for a couple of months and there didn't seem to as much familiarity with it, although that was what got me there. I knew some of the Tupelo stuff but just barely.)


Anyway, here's the ticket stub from 29 years ago tonight. (Hopefully, you can see it. It should be a PDF below.) I have some other things from that era that I'll post on a rolling basis as I have time, assuming people are interested. I know there was some interest in the set list from my second show, later in 1995, when I talked about it a while back. I'll post that next.




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O.K. Obviously, I did not mean to post this four times. When I try to delete the superfluous posts, I get an error message. The moderator should feel free to delete the latter three posts. Sorry about this.

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