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  1. My first Wilco show. And the first Wilco live show I was ever given on cd a few days later. The next year is when I met some people here for the first time. And also the first time I met Jeff.
  2. Saw it at the theater back in the day - and on Cinemax many times after that - Don't forget The Plimsouls - I guess John Cusack does not care for Better Off Dead. That's a shame.
  3. I have not watched that documentary. I think in the U2 by U2 book they also talk down the film/album. I am watching it now. I see what you are saying. That is pretty much the same stuff he goes on about in the book. It will be interesting to see if he carries on with those beliefs in his new book. But to me my favorite U2 albums/time span will always be The Unforgettable Fire/The Joshua Tree/Rattle and Hum.
  4. It's a shame they don't release a boxset of that film/album with extra stuff. But I doubt they ever will.
  5. I think it was more made fun of or written off In Europe rather than here. I think it's great. I saw it twice when it played in theaters.
  6. Yes - it was so much better. I guess we will see what they do - they could call it Back in Dublin. Or Highway to Derry.
  7. My first thought when I read that was of the mostly horrible R.E.M. album Monster.
  8. If you look around a lot of people have been trying to find that album. It seems to be not available. I don't really chase after cds anymore. But I went through this recently with an album called Through The Devil Softly (Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions). It is available - but only for a lot of money. The same with an album by a group called The Springfield Rifle that I would like to have. At least the stuff is on Youtube.
  9. The Search for One-Eye Jimmy (1994)
  10. I am curious about the new albums. I may dig around and check them out.
  11. Anyone see Ryan recently? Apparently - he played some Uncle Tupelo songs the other night in St. Louis. I have not heard any of them - but I think he has released 4 or 5 albums this year.
  12. I think it is the "Send in the clowns. . ." part which they had to pay for (as you know). I think I also have an original pressing of Red Rocks on vinyl.
  13. I can't recall what is cut from Under a Blood Re Sky. I also have the VHS and DVD. I will have to look that up.
  14. I am pretty sure the first thing I got was the tape of Under a Blood Red Sky. I still have it. Which has different stuff on it than the newer releases.
  15. They are probably one of the few bands I listened to that were current when I was young (early 1980s) and still listen to today. But yea - I have never seen them. My dream would have been to see them on The Unforgettable Fire or The Joshua Tree tour.
  16. Aha - I have never seen the band live. So I have not heard about that.
  17. I don't want to buy the book - but I will read it once it makes it way to my local library. The Black Crowes did a thing where they re-did songs. The album is called Croweology. I would be interested if they did a mostly acoustic re-invention of the songs.
  18. Yea - I don't know what he was thinking there. That album is horrible. It's a shame he and Rod can't do more that a couple of shows every so many years.
  19. What about Fletch Lives (1989)? I recently watched the entire run of Gotham (not really my thing - but I was down with the virus). I am now watching The Lorenskog Disappearance. Which is really the sort of thing I watch on there. I also watched for the 4th time Criminal UK. Which I still think is the best of all those (France, Spain, and Germany). Although I did like them all. Also - the CCR documentary is on Netflix now. I have to say it is not much. If you already know about the band - it is nothing new. But we do get to see some new concert footage. I pre
  20. Not available on The Road Case Not available at Nugs.net No AUD sources ever appeared
  21. I did not know that. I guess these things have a 20 year life span. I've been on there for 16 years this month. It's the one place people started posting SBDs once Dime a Dozen cracked down on Wilco's no SBDs policy. OF course lately - it was just someone posting the same old shows we already have over and over again.
  22. Aha - I guess they are thinking all the people who grab AUD shows will buy the shows now. Thanks for the information. We will still see shows up at bt.etree.org/Dime a Dozen/The Traders' Den unless someone officially changes the policy for Wilco at those sites.
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