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  1. When I was reading about that elsewhere - (there was a 20 or so minute video about it - now gone) - I came across several unedited interviews that Bechard put up from the Color Me Obsessed documentary. There is some interesting stuff there. I suppose they must have a plan to do the rest of the albums at some point.
  2. I was just listening to the GD Podcast about Watkins Glen the other day.
  3. I've not read that one yet. But the other two that guy wrote (One Way Out. . .Allman Brothers and Texas Flood. . .SRV) are great.
  4. Aha - a bit of trickery going on.
  5. There was no cell phones the last time around. It did sound catchy.
  6. They were the last intact (famous) band (since Dusty - ZZ Top - passed). I have to wonder if that will be permanent. The same thing happened with Cheap Trick and now Aerosmith (stand in drummers that is).
  7. Oh - I only added a comma. I fixed it. The last time I saw Wilco was in the student union here where I work.
  8. Did there happen to be a living legend wearing a parka in the crowd?
  9. Several sources here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/0B5xZV5X8KwRCRUZTT0hLaUVhclk?resourcekey=0-b-BFaKu69NAVBmdq-iV37Q No SBD - you have to buy that here: Solid Sound Festival, North Adams, MA on Jun 26, 2015
  10. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded to The Wilco Live Show Archive from January 2023-June 2023:
  11. Hit me with your 18 year old rhythm stick It's nice to be a lunatic
  12. There is some stuff going on at Reddit and as a protest some sub-reddits went dark and then went private.
  13. Far Out - I was just watching videos about her on Youtube.
  14. Now that I did not know. Or remember anyhow.
  15. That was due to the dive/documentary on the wreck. They were able to prove that the unsecured hatch covers did not cause the ship to sink.
  16. That was one of the Kicking Television (live album) (plus film that never came out) shows.
  17. That's one of those movies I saw as a kid on a Saturday afternoon - most likely.
  18. Adventures in Rainbow Country (1970-1971) This seems to be some sort of an action adventure show for the whole family.
  19. I sort of find it hard to believe they would do such a thing. But I should not be surprised I guess.
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