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  1. I'd like to see the Mad Dogs and Englishmen tribute concert/documentary they have coming out at some point.
  2. That stuff is probably on Youtube. At least the Witchita Lineman video is or was. I'd like to see that VU documentary. I had not listened to them in years until recently.
  3. The New Adventures in Hi-Fi 25th Anniversary Edition is coming out next month. I am really into buying such things anymore. Although - I have to say it would be nice to have their take of Wichita Lineman on cd. But I can't justify buying that just for one song.
  4. Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from viachicago.org (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID I began getting the above message every time I try to do anything here (started yesterday). This happens with Firefox and Google Chrome.
  5. I think it was something about how did he know what they were thinking, Bruce was not around at that time/place, etc.
  6. I think Dylan once questioned his motives on writing that song.
  7. There are also at least two made for TV movies and of course the Springsteen song Nebraska is about them. Caril was paroled in 1976. She is still alive I think.
  8. There is a Tattoo You boxset coming out at some point. I think Charlie does not play all the drums on that album. Although - I don't really know much about their albums after Tattoo You.
  9. And Elias Koteas - who I know from Some Kind of Wonderful (1987).
  10. Yea - that scene on the hill where Nick Nolte is yelling is pretty great.
  11. I think the last DVD I bought a couple of years ago was The Thin Red Line. I wanted to watch it again and could not find it streaming anywhere.
  12. I read somewhere that they were possibly playing to pre-recorded tracks. That is - that they were lip-synching.
  13. It's funny - I really only care for the first two JP albums - Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings of Destiny.
  14. I've always thought how lucky we are that his hands are actually shown in the Woodstock film. There is a lot of speculation that we will get the Albert Hall release at some point (besides that one night official release in 2019).
  15. I actually have the Blu-Ray. I did not have a Blu-Ray player. Someone gave me one. I guess there are parts they did not film or there are missing pieces of the show. One of my very favorite Hendrix live songs is the version of Hey Baby he plays on the Flying V.
  16. If you think that is corny - you should track down the actual Rainbow Bridge film and watch it.
  17. I think so. I actually bought the dvds many years ago. I watch it every once in a while.
  18. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded to The Wilco Live Show Archive from January 2021-June 30 2021:
  19. I have some for a show called Earth 2 (1994-1995).
  20. I've just heard some of the songs on Youtube.
  21. Have you heard the Regimental Sgt. Zippo record?
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