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  1. I just found another British show on Amazon that I think I can get into: New Tricks (2003-2015).
  2. There is a lot of those FM recordings to be found on Amazon. There is some sort of legal loop hole that makes it possible for those to be sold. Those are probably just the same audio files we already have pressed on a cd and slapped together with cheap artwork.
  3. I'd say that cd/record is a bootleg or "grey market" release. There is no need to buy that.
  4. I wonder if this the same live UT album that suppose to come out years ago. The timing of this release is interesting - as someone just put out a upgraded version of the show.
  5. Aha. That would be something if they ever did that.
  6. I think that is right. I guess Paul's son James does solo shows. A Beatles blog I read had a write up about it. Dhani has a band I think. Zak is playing for The Who again. And Sean did that album with Les Claypool.
  7. I recall reading somewhere a while back that they (the Beatles adult children) were going to form a group. I am guessing that was just some sort of made up rumor.
  8. I think it has been pushed back to sometime in 2021. There is also going to be some sort of boxset and a book.
  9. I have not yet watched that one. There is another one I like that I can not think of the name of at the moment.
  10. English - Dark is a heck of a show -
  11. I have become quite fascinated by various European shows on Netflix this summer: Bordertown (Finnish) Dark (German) Criminal UK, France, Spain, Germany Signs (Polish) The Five (UK)
  12. Analogman


    I had to enter it a few times. And then it worked.
  13. I am surprised it went on this long. I don't think I saw the last season.
  14. You can probably find Wattstax on Youtube. Sometimes it is there - sometimes it gets taken down.
  15. You know some years back that suitcase was found in someone's attic and returned to Bono.
  16. I can understand that. (Another stop on the time machine tour - be in the audience of the Red Rocks show)
  17. I've hardly ever played that one.
  18. I hear you on the re-mixes. I don't know if I will buy this or not. (Another BS thing is a booklet with a bunch of photos. I was listening to my Led Zeppelin cds the other day and thought how nice it would be to read something about the recording. Nope - just a bunch of pictures in the slim booklet.)
  19. That's what I am thinking. I will wait until it pops up on Amazon Prime or Netflix.
  20. I ran a pizza shop back in those days. We had two guys from NJ that hung out in the place about everyday. They were a real life version of Bill and Ted. I recall they used the term "poofter". And one of them carried around a B.C. Rich guitar. I don't think I will watch the new one. Although I might if it shows up on Amazon Prime. I recall trying to watch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. I could not get into it.
  21. I was going to say LOL on this: But we don't have a source for this show. And I have never seen it anywhere. So the LOL is on me.
  22. I'll have to check that out. You and I both hope someday for a giant Rattle and Hum re-release.
  23. Good Idea. There are discs in there with a bunch of unreleased performances. I am going to watch those later today. (I think I paid 30 bucks for it. I see now it is listed on Amazon for 85 bucks.)
  24. I guess there is some talk about a All That You Can't Leave Behind anniversary release.
  25. I'm watching the Woodstock 40th Anniversary dvd boxset I bought in 2009 but never watched.
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