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  1. Do you know the song Stories We Could Tell? Google likes to tell us it is a Tom Petty song - but it is not. It was written by John Sebastian. And covered by many people.
  2. The Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun (from Riverside, CA)
  3. I got my 2nd booster shot yesterday. I don't feel out of it this time. But there is a big knot on my arm again. I think last time it was sore for over a week.
  4. Those are really the only two Judas Priest albums I ever listen to. That video is from The Old Grey Whistle Test show. I have always liked Winter/Deep Freeze/Winter Retreat. I guess they do no own the masters to those first two albums. I think I got Sad Wings of Destiny when I was a teenager in the early 1980s.
  5. That artwork makes me think of Ryan Adams and The Cardinals - Cold Roses.
  6. It is quite amazing that one of the greatest live albums of all time was recorded in a cafeteria.
  7. The game's afoot, old sport. I'd forgot about. We took all that sort of stuff down.
  8. I have an entire cd suitcase full of Ryan Adams tracks/albums and another one full of Black Crowes tracks/albums. It used to be that stuff was out there to be had. Not now. I can not recall if the Wilco studio stuff was ever on Dime a Dozen.
  9. I guess those Engineer Demos got around. I can't recall who sent it to me - but it has a note in the cd sleeve that states "do not copy". There is no artwork for the one I have. That must have came later.
  10. I've never seen a source out there for that show (07/23/2002). I was curious if they were going to use a show that was circulating or a show that was not out there.
  11. I never knew what it looked like until I looked it up a few years ago. About the same thing as finding out where The Who's Live at Leeds show took place.
  12. That makes me think of the So Many Roads boxset.
  13. The tone/sound of Jerry's Strat gets me every time.
  14. I never got any of those 72 releases the last time around. I see people are selling them for hundreds of dollars. I may get the Lyceum Theater show. The cd version that is.
  15. I think it is part of that extra pay thing. Coda -
  16. I am surprised they have not put out a book.
  17. I like the interviews. It was quite something to listen to someone read the letters Pigpen wrote to his family.
  18. I think the only Heylin book I have ever read is the one about bootlegs.
  19. Is he the one that exposed Dylan's secret marriage and daughter several years back?
  20. I think Amazon should turn the books into a show.
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