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  1. I wonder how that came to be auctioned? That is my favorite GD time period and Jerry's guitar tone.
  2. Apparently - he and Rich had a falling out over some sort of business a while back.
  3. I plan to read it. But I don't really want to buy it. I am hoping it pops up at my local library. He is also going to have some sort of rock music show on Westwood One now.
  4. I have been reading that it will be Chris/Rich and a bunch of hired players.
  5. There was someone doing a Wilco live show streaming site. But I think it is gone. I never really messed with it.
  6. I guess that was just part of life in a northern town.
  7. Many years ago - We were going to put such a thing together by way of lifting Jeff banter out of AUD files. But we never did it. I would think these days such things would be found on YT. Or put up on YT if such a thing was created. I believe there are several Paul Stanley videos of such things. And I am also thinking of a Led Zeppelin live show site that cataloged what Robert Plant said at shows. I believe they were called "Plantisms". Finally - I also seem to recall Crowesbase tracks such things. Or used to - when the Black Crowes were active. Of course - the word is they will be touring again next year.
  8. I thought he sold that house in 1970.
  9. I meant the Esher House (Kinfauns).
  10. I wonder who lives in George's old house now? It's amazing to think people used to just walk up to the house and talk to George. I've seen photographs of such meet-ups.
  11. Is this the first Wilco album not to stream on NPR (since whenever that started)?
  12. That sounds about right. I don't think they ever got into the sort of troubles he did.
  13. I recall seeing this on cd bootlegs in the place I use to buy cds in the mid 1990s - it was called Earthquake Weather: Ready or Not (11-22-2019)
  14. I was 16 that year. I don't think I knew anyone that listened to the GD. I did not really learn about them until I was in the military. About two years later. I'm not going to get into it here - but I like your previous blog post also.
  15. There is a also a new documentary coming out - Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band.
  16. There's also video of that out there. Michael does a nice job on that song.
  17. Was that the tour they were doing those Glen Campbell songs?
  18. I have Road Movie on VHS. I must have taped it off of MTV back in the day. I think it is nice they put this sort of thing our for hardcore fans.
  19. Below are all the shows we have collected and uploaded from December 2018 to August 2019: I missed grabbing some shows (6-29-2019, 6-30-2019, and 7-26-2019) this past summer. This was due to my lowering ration number at Dime a Dozen.
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