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  1. Someone should ask Jeff if he is familiar with these guys: The New Tweedy Brothers
  2. I recall reading that. Led Zeppelin were supposed to also do something like that - but that seems to have not happened.
  3. I may watch this. I recall seeing most of those games (at least the ones that were on TV). Those guys went from heroes to zeros. It's a shame really.
  4. You can Google it (there was a lot of stink about it).
  5. I'm guessing you weren't around here in the Wilco Volkswagen commercial days?
  6. Thank you for the work you did. I'd say you are taking the right path.
  7. Yea - personally I don't want to mess with such things. Maybe it's best to share it privately.
  8. I wonder how they got in touch with Peter? (Note - I have not watched any of these shows.) That Little Richard clip is from a film called A Film About Jimi Hendrix (1973).
  9. I don't think I have watched this before: U2- Outside It's America (1987). Adam looks like a character out of a WWII movie.
  10. No talk of why he played that? I suppose most people here know the story.
  11. It's pretty amazing. I don't know all the legal stuff - but Phil must have the rights to post the stuff. As I was watching those videos I could not help but cry for several reasons. Their music affects me deeply. Those clips are certainly better quality than what we have seen. I can only hope they do some big re-release some day. I still have the original VHS tape I got way back when. And I got to see the film in a theater the week it came out. Actually I saw it three times.
  12. Phil Joanou is putting up Rattle and Hum out-takes on Vimeo. (news/link by way of u2songs) I don't ever recall seeing The Edge play a Telecaster before.
  13. I recall reading Love Medicine/The Beet Queen/Tracks/The Bingo Palace a long time ago.
  14. Analogman

    2020 Touring

    I think that last time I saw the band (2006) it was less than 20 dollars.
  15. Interesting mix and song choice:
  16. I really like that song For What It's Worth. I may get the cds at some point.
  17. For some odd reason I spent time everyday watching interviews with him on Youtube a while back. I am not really interested in any new music anymore - but I like some of the songs off his last two albums.
  18. You have to think rock stars exist in their own world - Guy spends money on a lawsuit - gets banned from entering the building where the band is rehearsing for an event - then joins them on stage at the event - then joins them on stage to play
  19. Sort of odd it's coming out now - Of course both of them put out albums just before walking away from their bands. I am still trying to figure out if they are broke and need the money or actually want to play together.
  20. Maybe not that well known these days - but Let The Music Do The Talking was later re-done by the band on a album called Done With Mirrors. Everything was backwards - you had to hold it up in front of a mirror to read it.
  21. DLR is going to go on tour opening for KISS this year.
  22. They used to do some of those early FM songs when they started out. It may some sort of nod to those days.
  23. There is some video out there of Joey trying to get in the rehearsal space - he is stopped by security. Must be something about drummers - this sort of thing went down with Bill Ward and Bun E. Carlos (although different circumstances).
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