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  1. Found it. Jeff Tweedy Describes Wilco's Evolution Artist previews the group's forthcoming album. By Chris Nelson March 7, 2001 SEATTLE — Wilco's Jeff Tweedy stands up, walks over to a hotel room end table, pulls one home-burned CD out of the mini-stereo and slips in another disc. He's looking for a particular mix of a new song called "Heavy Metal Drummer." After cueing up the track, the singer, songwriter and guitarist returns to the floor of his room at the upscale Roosevelt, sits cross-legged near a coffee table topped with books by William
  2. I had to google it but yeah, it looks like the Chicago smoking ban took effect on January 16, 2006 for most places and July 1, 2008 for bars and restaurants. But anyway, so nobody has a copy of that Sonicnet article?
  3. Back in the summer of 2001, Wilco posted the following on wilcoweb.com (yes, .com). "There is a nice piece about the upcoming record on SonicNet from earlier this year." Unfortunately, that link is not archived by archive.org's wayback machine: http://www.sonicnet.com/artists/ai_singlestory.jhtml?id=1441370&ai_id=1160 I'm wondering if anybody saved a copy of it back then? I'd love to read it.
  4. Ten year bump. I need these 80+ short clips that were posted on the Wilcofilm.com website. Can anybody hook a brother up?
  5. They were all up on Sam Jones' wilcofilm.com site before the movie (or album) was released. I'd just like to see them again.
  6. Found more titles... comb1 = "Is the air conditioning on"; //Batch 6 comb2 = "I'm counting out"; //Batch 6 comb3 = "Suit of Lights"; //Batch 6 comb4 = "Give the people something good to read"; //Batch 6 comb5 = "War intro"; //Batch 6 comb6 = "Yesterday's movie"; //Batch 7 comb7 = "Korg Blues"; //Batch 7 comb8 = "Sonic Youth Bathroom"; //Batch 7 comb9 = "J.P. takes it easy"; //Batch 7 comb10 = "It could be me"; //Batch 7 comb11 = "Starbuck's hero"; //Batch 8 comb12 = "Jay's Mountain Bed"; //Batch 8 comb13 = "Kamera"; //Batch 8 comb14 = "Casino Queen"; //Batch 8 comb15 = "The Pee
  7. Hey remember back in the day how Sam Jones used to post "unedited documentary footage" as small .mov files on his web site? http://web.archive.org/web/20011019122522/http://www.wilcofilm.com/main_see.htm From the archived page source, it looks like there were originally 31 clips posted. I'm wondering if anybody saved these? I'd love to see them again! com3 = "Jeff waves to fans in a car"; //Batch 5 com4 = "Band discussing song in mixing room"; //Batch 5 com5 = "Chris says \"I think we should just mix\""; //Batch 5 com6 = "Jay plays piano wearing funny hat"; //Batch 1 com7 = "Whole band
  8. I expected you people to help me out here. Seriously disappointed in you. Well, I found my own answer thanks to YouTube. "Side with the Seeds" from the Monday show: Tweedy's definitely playing a Bean. Thanks for nothing!
  9. Has Tweedy been playing a Travis Bean guitar at some point during this tour? I thought I remember seeing one at the UIC Pavilion show, but I can't say for sure. If so, anybody got a photo?
  10. Are you saying Tweedy = Rod Stewart?
  11. Seriously. It's the only song I really, really like on the album. The rest is either boring or ruined by Cline's awful guitar jazz art noise.
  12. Chatting increase? Really? Listen to any of the solo Lounge Ax boots from 96-98 and you'll hear Tweedy repeatedly chiding the crowd for talking.
  13. 21 Reasons Why Jay Bennett Should Be Back In Wilco
  14. Jake


    F that. Pitchfork should apply at Glorious Noise!
  15. The article is 5,000 words long! How much longer would you want it to be? Ha. Did something offend you, or what?
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