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  1. I just recently read how there's a bonus track on the Loose Fur Japan import of 'Born Again In the USA' --the song is "Prelude to 110, 220, or Chelsea Walls". I know it's a live 12-13-2002, St. Ann's Warehouse, Brooklyn, NY performance...but... Does anyone have it and can tell me a bit more about it? How long is it? Vocals? What's it like? Etc. THANKS!
  2. Thanks, Mike! And your theory about this version of "Cars" as being the same one they played back in the movie is EXACTLY what I was thinking, too. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did do a final tweak or two...perhaps.
  3. One last question, folks... The mp3 I have of the official download of "Cars Can't Escape" is 160kbps...is there a higher quality version?
  4. Ahhhhhh. Thank you so much!!!!! This really clears up A LOT. And the "Ian Dury" I have is undoubtedly the soundcheck version. Again, you solved some mysteries for me!!!!! THANKS.
  5. Hey Folks, I've been doing some cross-referencing with the Wilco discography and was hoping for some help... 1. What year does the officially released version of "Cars Can't Escape" come from? It was a free mp3 download; I read: "Offered as a free Wilcoworld.net Roadcase download for owners of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" --in 2002. Is that really right? I thought it was a 'Ghost' re-recording/outtake... AND the version I have is a 160kbps mp3...is that the highest quality version? 2. Was the live version of "Airline to Heaven" that streamed from Wilcoworld.net (from way back when) from
  6. Soooooooo, I bought the new RECORD [which comes with the CD, too] because I love vinyl but am wondering if anyone has heard of a special release of "Wilco (The Album") --like a Japan or UK edition that has a bonus track or two; better yet, another Australian Tour edition which comes with a bonus CD. Anyone? Also, has their been any promo release(s)--like SBS's promo CD...or even a vinyl promo of some kind? I picked up the 7" of 'You Never Know', but I'm talking about promo releases. Any help with this info is GREATLY appreciated!!!!!
  7. Can someone pm me as well? I've been unlucky with getting the single at the record store...
  8. I came across the 'Chelsea Walls' demos (thank you Owl and Bear!) but was wondering if there was really any difference between the demos and the released, official soundtrack? Can anyone clear this up for me, please?
  9. Thanks, guys! Interesting about "Pot Kettle Black"--I didn't know!
  10. Just a quick question... I seem to recall that either an alternate performance or alternate mix of "Reservations" appears on the vinyl YHF release. Can anyone confirm this? If you can help, THANKS!!!
  11. I don't think what I'm hoping to do is all that big-a-deal. Just fixing the drop-outs. No patch work with other songs. My hope is to just have a smooth sounding listening experience. When I post, I'll be sure to identify what I've done. I see your point and agree with you. As a project, this is just for the listening experience.
  12. BARE WITH ME: Soooooo it's always-always-always-ALWAYS bothered me that the 'YHF Demos' annnnnnnnd the 'YHD Engineer's Demos' have flaws. I suppose they're drop-outs but I've mostly thought of them as hiccups. Whenever I listen to these demos, I enjoy the music so very much and then just w~i~n~c~e when I hear the hiccup. Yes, I can be the princess and the pea. Anyway, I've actually enrolled in a class on music editing and recording -in large part- to finally fix-up these demos. Crazy? Probably. But I need some help from the Wilco fan base... I only have two more classes (we meet on
  13. You folks are AWESOME!!!!!! Thank you so much!
  14. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! THANKS for the info...now the next question becomes: how do I get this? Is there a download link?
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