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  1. Not completely finished. If anyone can understand the lyrics better than I, go for it. At first I capo'd it but soon realized it doesnt matter. Anyway, this is relative to capo at the 2nd fret: Mirror Ball CAPO 2 G Bm He’s always standing next to the cigarette machine In a halo of neon blue and green D C G CG The cocaflinks(?) reflects the spinning mirror ball The kaleidoscope of color showers on the wall D C G CG F D I try to shield my eyes from his magnificence but there’s no defense for me A C#m Every Friday night hes here to make the scene I’m here to pour the drinks, so he
  2. "Keith Richards is Never Gonna Die" Slow down there Lenny Bruce! Dont be so cutting edge with the humor!
  3. Did anybody else notice they have started putting setlists in the Roadcase? I wonder why they didnt link to Wilcobase.
  4. I thought I saw the yellow dog t-shirt at one point.
  5. It was done by Wilco during the YHF sessions and that version can be found at Owl and Bear. But it was officially released as "Laminated Cat" on the first Loose Fur record (the Loose Fur version obviously). You can find the Jeff Tweedy solo version( with Glenn Kotche) on the Sunken Treasure DVD.
  6. So this isnt pinned anymore?
  7. It seems that the last few years the band has become very commerce oriented. Before the onslaught begins, I say that being somewhat torn. On the one hand I feel like "Hey cool off, I like this band but I'm not rich" and on the other hand I will constantly buy whatever they slap a Wilco label on (and they have slapped a Wilco label on just about everything). Where does everybody else stand? Is it cool that you can buy a Wilco scarf, toys, etc. ? Or do you feel like your support is sometimes being taken advantage of?
  8. One thing that really struck me was how much this album makes me appreciate Nels Cline. SBS had a lot of Nels shredding but this album makes me re-think my initial "one trick pony" label. His lap steel work on "Deeper Down" and "Solitaire" as well as the little touches at the end of "Everlasting Everything" are really melodic and subtle, two qualities I thought he lacked after hearing most of SBS. And when there are frantic guitar 'freak outs',like on "Bull Black Nova" or "One Wing", they arent distracting from the song underneath, they add to the song.
  9. Does namedropping your own band count? If so, Wilco.
  10. I picked it up on vinyl on the way out of town. So first I listened to the CD once through in the car ("Bull Black Nova" is a great driving song) and then on vinyl the second time.
  11. I listened for the first time yesterday. I didnt care for "You and I", "Country Disappeared", or "Solitaire" at first but after a couple more listens only "You and I" remains on the weak list. "Sonny Feeling" reminded me of "Let's Not Get Carried Away" for some reason. And yes "Deeper Down" is amazing.
  12. I didnt realize the threads had been merged. So when I clicked that link I thought I had somehow forgotten I already started another thread about this subject. I am an idiot.
  13. I have yet to hear either of the b-sides(I'm actually holding out for an EP thingy). I just threw it in because the tendency thus far has been to package all of the b-sides/live tracks, etc. together online.
  14. I know the album isnt even out yet technically but I'm assuming the trend will continue with a bonus EP available digitally. The obvious choices so far are "Dark Neon" and "Unlikely Japan," But what live songs do you think they would throw on there? Which of the new songs do you think sound the best live and should be put on an EP?(if one were to evenutally exist)
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