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  1. Oh - that's a rabbit hole. Get Amorica/The Lost Crowes
  2. For some unknown reason - I have been watching interviews with Noel and/or Liam all summer on Youtube. Apparently Liam has attacked members of Noel's family (online). Which seems pretty low to me. Much like recent Rich and Chris interviews - I have noticed they often get asked when they are going to reunite Oasis. I take it Liam wants to due to the fact he has lost a great deal of his fortune. But Noel does not seem interested. I think when Magpie first started Chris called it a "Black Crowes cover band" or something like that. And then of course he does that As The Crow Flies thing. Of course they are in for it when Steve's book comes out this fall.
  3. Maybe they will start making songs/videos to send to each other - as Liam Gallagher is doing. (You probably know this - but Oasis and The Black Crowes actually did a tour a together in 2001.)
  4. And Marcus King - who I respect - but don't really care for all that much.
  5. He also had that As The Crowe Flies thing going on. Apparently - he left his 3rd wife and took up with the girlfriend of the guy who did all the artwork for that band. She is in that Chauffeur's Daughter video.
  6. For a while there the rumor was that Chris and Rich were going to hire some people and tour as The Black Crowes.
  7. I once recall reading an interview with Paul somewhere where he talked about wanting to re-release most of the albums. And it was due to his desire to strip off the sheen. I'm no Replacements expert - but I seem to recall him also saying they had a lot of tapes with Tom Waits.
  8. Oh I didn't notice. I grew up with those. That could be why.
  9. You may also want to watch Kath & Kim (Australian sitcom).
  10. I think she is funny as hell. There is now an American version of What We Do In The Shadows - but I have not seen it. Also - Endeavor - Season 6 is over here now.
  11. You may be interested in watching a show on Amazon called Miranda.
  12. I once told Mountain Bed I was not really interested in the GD beyond about 1971. He reached through the computer screen and hit me in the nose.
  13. I think I paid 2 dollars for the cd I have. A few years back I bought all the Dylan cds I did not have. I should have not bothered with most of them.
  14. There's even another version on the album Real Live (1984). I have not heard that album in years.
  15. Way back when - that version of Tangled Up in Blue use to be shown on VH1 I think it was -
  16. Mariska Veres and Bob - there's an idea.
  17. That live version on that 70 album is epic. I guess there is a re-release that has more stuff on it. The version I have is an original pressing that someone gave me a long time ago.
  18. It was a Top of The Pops deal I think. Rod Stewart and Gary Glitter showed up at the end. Rod and Elton are long time friends of course. One of my favorite EJ songs is Madman Across The Water.
  19. The only EJ I really own is that live album - 17-11-70. I am familiar with most of the others from the early 70s.
  20. I was watching a EJ Christmas Special from 1974 the other day. Was there anything like that in the film?
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