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  1. I get the sense that a number of reviewers approach each new Wilco album with very high expectations, like they expect to stumble on the next classic Wilco album. That says a lot about how successful Wilco has been keeping people's attention all these years. I think Wilco approaches it differently. I would guess the mindset of Tweedy and (wil)Co. is not to create what is considered their next masterpiece, rather to create the stuff that keeps themselves interested as artists/musicians. Anyway, I'm hearing lots of tidbits in these reviews that make me think I'll enjoy this next one plenty.
  2. To be more specific, I'm talking mid-to-late-70s Bowie. Station to Station thru the Berlin Trilogy. And more the style/instrumentation than the vocals mix. But to the vocals mix comments, I immediately noticed the same thing with the latest track. It caught me a little off guard, but on repeated listens, I do also enjoy the effect it has of highlighting the ensemble, as jff already pointed out.
  3. Anyone else getting big Bowie vibes from what we’re hearing so far?
  4. A lot great ones already mentioned, but here's a more recent one that I love: A country song, like a trout Dying sky and water Rainbow flickering out
  5. Well, that review was ... damn man! I don't know how to contain my hype for this album. Pray for me.
  6. In an effort to reinforce the topic of this thread, I wonder if Cousin might be able to thread the needle of our diverse aural preferences. Experimental sonic flourishes + pristine production + coherent idea/sound. I mean, you can’t please everyone, but I’m hopeful this new one will pump some air into the barely smoldering fire that is the Wilco fan community of recent years.
  7. I’m always fascinated about the difference between people who like a band’s music and fans who feel like it’s an actual relationship. I’ve had the experience of the latter with only a handful of bands over my approximately three decades of attentive music listening. (I’m one elder millennial who makes as much time for music these days as I ever did. Some life, but it’s mine.) Anyway, Wilco has done the best of sustaining the relationship, which started right about two decades ago for me. Bands like U2 and Pearl Jam, on the other hand, I still feel strong attachment to, still get my hopes up wi
  8. Isn't there some vocal effect going on with the background vocals on The Universe? Edit: Specifically the "Everything is listening for what it means" part
  9. I got around to listening to this following your tip. Interesting album, to say the least. Loved the juxtaposition of the deep and warm synth washes with the saxophone. Can’t wait to hear how those sounds mix with Wilco’s sonic range.
  10. The "Not saying anything" demo was gorgeous. Haven't listened to it in months, but I remember loving it.
  11. Amazing how hyped I still get, after all these years. Don't know if that says more about what a great band Wilco is, or me being an obsessive type.
  12. Is that Cate singing the “heartache … always fades” echoes during the bridge?
  13. It’s funny how the new tune sounds like Tweedy + Wilco + a sprinkling of Cate Le Bon. I’m here for it, and I’m sure, based on the promo verbiage, we’re in for some fun sonic twists and turns across Cousin.
  14. I must say, this is not the description I was hoping for of the first single off the supposed "art pop" record, but I will strive to retain my tabula rasa and trust my dudes.
  15. I'm going with first or second week in November, piggybacking on Jeff's book release pub.
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