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ISO: 2 weekend passes for Beach Road Festival, 8/26-8/28/2022

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Hi friends (and siblings)!


My wife and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary this August (on Jeff’s birthday 🎂- we didn’t plan it that way, but it’s a fitting coincidence 😎), and we got passes as soon as they went on sale for the two of us to spend the weekend on the Vineyard with my wife’s brother and family, Wilco (and others). We can’t wait to celebrate…


Which brings me to the hitch. We didn’t get passes for our two kids, anticipating that more affordable kids tickets would be available later (our relatives who live on the island told us that’s been the case for the past iterations of Beach Road). Well, they aren’t. Our son and daughter are now 13 and 10, and have literally have grown up since birth going to Wilco shows with us. We are huge fans and longtime supporters of the band. We’ll be attending our sixth (!) Solid Sound in a few weeks. We really want them to be with us, and are looking for two full 3-day passes. All the options through Ticketmaster resale, StubHub and Seat Geek are $900.- or more for a pair, after all their gouging fees. We will happily pay fair money for our kids to be able to come along, but that cost is too steep for our budget. We’d also much rather help out a fellow fan who can’t make it, or needs the cash. 


Please reach out if you can help- you’d be making our summer... ❤️





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