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  1. Long shot but does anyone have an extra ticket stub from this show by chance? I can throw you a few bucks for your troubles. Thank you
  2. Sec ORCHR, Row E, Seat 110 & 112 Text me your email and I'll send them over
  3. Had a blast at the show. Please let me know if anyone has an extra ticket stub? I usually get my tickets mailed, but wasn't able to for this show. I have plenty to trade if you're looking for something. Thanks in advance.
  4. Price is now $160 for the pair. I can meet around the theater before the show.
  5. I have an extra pair for the Thursday 2/23 show: Section MNFL2R, Row J, Seats 202 and 204. According to this seating chart, they're aisle seats. https://blog.tickpick.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/The-Chicago-Theatre-Seating-Chart.png I have the hard tickets from Ticketmaster. Paid $209, looking for $200. I can mail or meet in the Chicagoland area. Thanks!
  6. If anyone is looking to grab a print from Seattle, Dan has both colors for sale on his website. I just framed the green variant and it looks solid. I'm guessing he got to keep the extras and that's why they haven't showed up in the Wilco store. http://www.danstiles.com/mainshop?category=POSTERS
  7. Matt's other poster for Pritzker is up now. I grabbed one at the show and it looks great. Run was 390 http://wilco.kungfustore.com/posters/trellis-poster-wilp437.html Rumor has it there was one more "band only" poster made to commemorate the show for their friends and families.
  8. I have (2) two tickets located at Main Floor Right Row K for the 9/2 show at the Moore Theatre that I can no longer use...I was looking to possibly trade for a pair in Portland? Thanks!
  9. http://jamusa.com/events/jpp-wilco/ It looks like Chicago native's Twin Peaks will be an opener. It still says Special Guests to be announced, so hopefully that's not the end of the list.
  10. It's "Monqui" if anyone wants to grab a single.
  11. Anyone know the Ticketbastard presale code? STARWARS isn't working.
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