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  1. Thanks! I signed up for instragram to watch these but haven't been able to watch live. Just did some googling, and it might be that I was trying to watch on my CPU using chrome- maybe you need to use a mobile device to see the live videos??? EDIT: I'm an idiot. Downloaded the app and tried on my phone and i can see last night's video now...
  2. First, my condolences for your loss. And thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm Canadian, so I'll hazard a guess as to why they were so important in this country. They developed an audience the old fashioned way, town to town, playing universities, clubs, eventually stadiums. I live in a fairly small city and they always seemed to stop by on their tours. They had multi-generational appeal, and people grew up with them. Then there was the content of their songs. References to old hockey stories, the prairies, Ontario towns. Where else could Canadians hear rock songs with lines about high schools
  3. Can someone help me with 61 Down in today's Washington Post crossword: "Guitarist Cline of the band Wilco" ? (4 letters)
  4. I believe the issue is that it seems Ticketmaster has a delay between when people first put tickets in their cart (and are put through to the payment page) and when they disappear from the available ticket listings seen by other customers. So tickets that are in people's carts are shown as available. It's unfair because even if you are logged on in time its a crap-shoot whether you click on tickets that aren't actually in someone's cart.
  5. Picking the seats from the map is ridiculously frustrating. Took me a few tries before I manged to get a decent seat by just sorting by best available and clicking what came up.
  6. Went to my local bookshop this morning and they happened to have copies on the shelves. Didn't buy it, as I have a copy on preorder, but I did sit on a couch in the store and read about the first 100 pages. Impressions (without discussing specifics): It's about inspiration, music, self-discovery, written with an uncompromising empathy. To me, it's this kind of awareness and honesty that makes the voice in the book sound a lot like the voice I know from the music. The parts about growing up and falling in love with music, (and finding and holding on to inspiration) are beautifully done. Some
  7. I noticed there are signed copies for preorder on barnes and noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lets-go-jeff-tweedy/1129080912?ean=9781524744359#/ I've preordered mine! Also, Amazon lists Jeff as the narrator of the audiobook as well, which is awesome.
  8. Hey, would you be able to post a link to where you found this? I can't find it anywhere! Thanks.
  9. Listening now. Heads up, they mentioned they'd be talking to Jeff between now and the Wilco set.
  10. Really enjoying the album. Here's a neat video
  11. Are you folks able to access your digital copy? I preordered the download but its says my order is being prepared.
  12. Any word on any more European shows around July? Seems strange that they'd just be doing the two announced.
  13. I left Chicago very happy after hearing for the first time: 1) Ashes of American Flags 2) Either Way 3) Pot Kettle Black 4) Reservations 5) Lonely 1 6) Sunken Treasure 7) Forget the Flowers All of which would have been top 10 for me. I'd still love to hear: 1) Poor Places (only YHF song I haven't heard live) 2) In a Future Age 3) Dreamer in My Dreams 4) Far, Far Away 5) Why Would You Wanna Live 6) You are My Face 7) Open Mind 8) One Sunday Morning 9) Monday 10) Muzzle of Bees I couldn't make the last Chicago show which would have taken care of the last two!
  14. Very sad to hear this. It's impossible to overstate Chuck Berry's importance to rock and roll. Incredible artist. RIP
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