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  1. I agree that this will probably be the last time in the US. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. How was Crowded House?
  2. Hoodoo Gurus This was originally supposed to happen in 2020!
  3. I have loved Gordon Lightfoot’s voice since I was a teenager. I saw him perform sometime around when The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald was a hit. My mom and I both loved him and we went to that show together. 84 years old is a good, long life, and it was his time. I am sad to see him leave us, but am very happy that I still have his music, and that glorious voice.
  4. Have a great time! I have weeks to wait. (My show is May 26.)
  5. Father John Misty again!
  6. Here is the whole encore: https://youtu.be/8dgyWCkNF6A
  7. BeauSoleil, on their final tour.
  8. My face value was $85 for second row of the upper section, about 2/3 of the way back from the stage. Total was $110 after fees. I’ve never seen the Cure before, so this is like a bucket list thing for me and I’m really looking forward to it! Edit: And now Robert Smith says we’ll all be getting a $5 refund ($10 for those who bought lowest price tickets) because he convinced Ticketmaster the fees were too high. What a guy!
  9. I got a mediocre but satisfactory ticket for MSG after being waitlisted for the first half hour of the presale. I wouldn’t have gone for the next price up anyway, as my total budget was $150 max. The ticket price was reasonable. Fees were not, and bumped it up 30%.
  10. Sorry to hear, @chuckrh. I understand what you’re going through regarding health insurance now that I’m on Obamacare after a lifetime of employment based insurance. It’s insane. Hang in there. As long as the chemo is helping you feel better it is probably worth it. I’m doing okay, but inflation is absolutely killing me now that I’m no longer working. I can no longer afford to do many things I expected to spend a lot of time doing when I retired 18 months ago. Oh well.
  11. I enjoyed Tár, but thought it was too long. I think the exposition establishing the character in the first part of the film could have been cut substantially. Cate Blanchett was amazing, and deserving of an Oscar for her performance. As for the end, I think she got what she deserved.
  12. What did you think of this? I struggled with the idea that this film is classified as a comedy. I struggled with the film in general and didn’t really like it very much. I saw Babylon the other day and absolutely hated it. I thought it was a self-indulgent, offensive piece of trash and can’t believe it’s nominated for five Golden Globe awards. I think it’s been a very weak year for film releases during the holidays. Usually there’s a whole bunch of new films released just before or on Christmas that I want to see over Christmas/New Years. This year, Babylon is the
  13. I’m doing something similar tonight with a friend, Happy Hour at a lovely restaurant that’s a little too pricey for dinner, then Holiday Lights at Turtle Back Zoo. Chuck and Donna, sorry to hear of about your bad luck. I’ve been having expensive house issues here myself over the past few weeks. I’m trying to just go with the flow and keep reminding myself that stuff happens when you own a house. Thankfully it hasn’t been anything as awful as losing power or a refrigerator.
  14. My most-listened-to album of 2022 was definitely Kurt Vile’s Watch My Moves.
  15. I have never seen the Cure, but I would very much like to. Maybe it will work out this time.
  16. I’ve been listening to Calexico’s Seasonal Shift, released in December 2020. This was a wonderful Christmas gift from the band during the darkest ever Christmas.
  17. Heartbroken. Although it was bound to happen at some point as she was not young. Last I saw her was the tour with Lindsey for the Buckingham McVie album. That seems appropriate to me now.
  18. I saw it last week and thought it was great. It looked great on the big screen too, and I think some of that will be lost at home unless you really have a top notch, huge TV. I do not have such a TV. Netflix is nuts to pull this from theaters after only one week.
  19. That’s too bad. Evan Dando is one of my favorite artists, but he is his own worst enemy. Thankfully the one time I saw him (a solo show, five years ago), he was in good shape and I really enjoyed the show. I think he’s a great singer, and the fact that he keeps falling into the addiction pit is so very worrying and simultaneously so very frustrating.
  20. What else was canceled for you this month? Two in one month is a lot, even for someone like you who goes to a lot of shows. I had the Calexico cancelation last month with no explanation whatsoever (not even a vague one!), although I’m sure it had to be low ticket sales for the second night in Brooklyn, since they made the ticket valid for the first night.
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