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  1. It was a great night. "Shot in the Arm" was a highlight for me (it always is) and I was surprised we didn't get any of the "Being There" classics (maybe tonight?), but - as bbop noted - the band sounded fantastic on several extended noisy, work-outs.
  2. "From the ashes of Uncle Tupelo . . ." Wilco!
  3. Saturday: Guided By Voices
  4. My oldest son has repeatedly urged me to check this out.
  5. We are halfway through the second season of Slow Horses. Also been watching season three of Hacks and the Showtime adaptation of A Gentleman in Moscow. So much content, so little time! Fortunately (or unfortunately), the White Sox have been mostly unwatchable - frees up a lot of time for me!!
  6. My daughter recommended both of these to me when she was in town this week.. I had heard both bands before, but never really listened.
  7. Saturday: Waxahatchee (with Good Morning opening).
  8. RIP, Steve Albini. I listened to a couple of Big Black albums yesterday.
  9. The fourth (and recently released) in the "Kenny Dennis" Series by Serengeti.
  10. Sunday: Teenage Fanclub
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