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    Going to see them in San Diego in late May with my oldest son (who lives out there).
  2. Yep. Hard for me to blame the guy who has essentially given away 200+ live shows on Instagram since COVID started. I blame Cloud 9 and Trump (because I like to blame Trump for everything bad).
  3. Ha! I had the exact same thought last week. Create a pool of money to entice Wilco to cancel and fund it from the refund. I hope everyone who has chosen to go stays healthy and has a blast. Hoist one or two cervesas for me. Put it on my tab.
  4. I'm from the "all Courtney is good Courtney" camp so I like it quite a bit. It doesn't rock as hard as her earlier material - has a vibe similar to the album she did with Kurt Vile.
  5. To add to my frustration, I can't get anyone from Cloud 9 to respond to my emails (they aren't taking telephone calls) about transferring my reservation. Unless they do a 180 and offer a refund option, I've decided to give my reservation to my brother and his girlfriend. It would be nice to be able to start the process and finalize the transfer.
  6. It was great. I'm a huge fan of Alejandro Escovedo and Lucinda too, so the whole 90 minutes was a joy to watch.
  7. @kidsmokeCan you please pin this thead? Thanks
  8. After cycling back and forth every 10 minutes for the past three weeks - "to go or not to go," my wife convinced me last night that I'd be a moron (actually she said, "even a bigger moron than usual") if I go. So I'm out. At least for now.
  9. Got my ticket today! Looking forward to seeing this film.
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