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  1. RIP Charlie. He died on what would have been Keith Moon's 75th birthday.
  2. Saturday: John Mayall Sunday: Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
  3. We finished it on Sunday. Agree - it's entertaining. notwithstanding the fact that almost all the characters are unlikable.
  4. Excellent. Glad to see you re back out there, making up for lost time. Are people wearing masks at shows now?
  5. We watched "Who Has My Pig" last night and enjoyed it.
  6. For reasons forgotten, I chose not to purchase the trip insurance. I normally do and I'm regretting my decision. We went in 2020 and had a fantastic time. Aside from the shows, my favorite thing about the festival was meeting so many knowledgeable music fans. Wearing t-shirts from bands other than Wilco was a great way to spark some great conversations. We are really looking forward to V2.0 and hope to meet some other VC'ers.
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