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  1. This could be fun: aGiB YHF ST BT SBS AM SW (for now, I'm curious where this ends up in a few months) tWL W(tA)
  2. I gotta say I'm warming to this album already. Ten listens and I'm annoying everyone around me asking them about it (becauss I'm evil and make them listen to it). It's dense and difficult, and I don't know how it'll stand the test of time, but it's Wilco, so it probably will. Please excuse my prior post where I didn't know what I think, but I still don't know what to think. But I'm comfortably confused now. I really like all the weird little YHF sounds on it... So glad they started doing that again.
  3. So, will the tote bag blink too? I'd pay extra for one of those.
  4. I gotta say, I really didn't enjoy the first half that much. The second half of the album has won me over enough that I'll be listening to it over and over again. I'm a little disappointed that some of Tweedy's vocals feel a little buried on this record. And there's nothing wrong with electric guitar, but there's A LOT of it on this record. This one is definitely going to have to grow on me (but I have a feeling it might). Also, just got to Magnetized. Hell yes. I love it. Favorite track for sure. It's very pretty. I love the chromatic walk down in the vocals, it adds just the right
  5. I am so going to raise my eyebrows during Bach pieces now. These responses are greay keep them coming! And I did mean this to be a highly subjective question. There's a few objective things, but it's not great to have perfect rhythm and no emotion either. Methinks I'm just a hopeless romantic who requires vast quantities of emotion. I want to see you bear your soul when someone plays music. I want to see someone's soul peaking out from their instrument (or voice) while doing this. Foe myself, there would be no point in art of any kind if it didn't make life better in some way.
  6. Hi all, My piano teacher posed an interesting question and I'd like to get as many takes on this as possible (and probably start an argument or two in the process). So here goes nothing. What makes a musician great? Whether a singer or a bassoonist, is it an inate sense of rhythm? The timbre they can pull out of their instrument? Something more esoteric? Or something completely different?
  7. I was going to reply to that thread, but after Zappa and Fahey my mind went so, so blank. (And Nels... Ok maybe i should make a list.. ).
  8. This report makes me super happy. I wish I could have gone, but I'm glad others had such a great time!!!
  9. Roger Wilco. Nothing beats Shostakovich, I'm hoping to go see some of his orchestral works for my birthday.
  10. I love Debussy (though "Clare de Lune" is not favorite of his....). Have you listened to much Satie? Debussy was a huge financial sponsor of his (not to mention his tremendous impact on Brian Eno, among others). And I believe Zappa said something about old dead guys in powdered wigs writing the best music too... Ironic when Varese was his favorite composer.
  11. In guitar, I've been working on turning loud Dinosaur Jr. songs (Out There) into acoustic ballads. Also Erik Satie's "gymnopedie #1" On piano, a couple of Mozart minuets and Bach's 2-Part Invention in D minor. This is why I like fenders.... Sonic landscapers count fully.
  12. When I graduated from college I stopped being at radio stations for the first time in a decade. I stagnated and I couldn't get out of my rut. So I dug deeper into the history of music. Country blues is now one of my most listened to genres. I listened to gospel for a while to see the roots of the blues. But it took more digging and an impulsive decision to learn piano after 10 years of guitar for me to unlock the music I've been driven to ever since, baroque and modern classical music, I can also thank Frank Zappa for that. There's too much history in music to get bogged down with new stuff un
  13. I mean no, but this might be an exception since Tweedy wrote it....
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