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  1. awful news, heard last night and put Darkside on straight away
  2. I saw Bright Eyes play "Digital Ash...", start to finish and I'm seeing Nada Surf play "Let Go" in its entirety at the southbank centre later this month Oh and I went to Brian Wilsons "Lucky Old Sun" premier
  3. You have clearly never seen Neil Young play live
  4. as did I, good stuff. cool man
  5. what surgery did he have?, His voice is alot better on SBS, I assumed he had maybe had some coaching
  6. His vocals on Cassadaga are amazing, I think Hot Knives is the only one he went a bit goaty. I really liked that album
  7. Wow, after listening all day I really love this record. I like how it sounds like he didnt really put too much effort into it, I don't mean that like its lazy it just sounds very effortless Hope this is coming out on vinyl
  8. Call Me When I'm Calm is awesome, you sing a little like Pat Sansone and yes the slide part is very George. like it alot
  9. I like it, think his voice sounds really great on a couple tunes...deeper, kind of like Cassadaga but deeper still, Milk Thistle is great
  10. Thats cool man, probably could do with a nice bridge or something. and the Bah bah harmonies were intended to be more Beach Boys then Hanson. oh well. and thanks alot GtrPlyr!
  11. www.myspace.com/attheendoftheworldband I always feel like this should go in SST though last time I got shouted at...anyway, set up this new myspace for a tune I've been working on with one of the other guys in my band. It's more drum machine/sample based then anything I've done before but I'm pretty happy with it, would be cool to see what other people think Much love x
  12. Beck - Cry Me A River http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POeJOuGP3Dg
  13. I love it so far, Walls and Gamma Ray are my favs
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