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  1. He did the same thing opening for Neil last December in Detroit. I was sitting beside the stage and watched him puke into a trash can. He drank some bottled water, went back on stage and it was like nothing was wrong. He sounded great. Jeff had "the bug". Kill the bug.
  2. It's true. He barfed. I was seated stage left, near the steps leading up to the stage. As Jeff made his way to the steps, one of the crew brought a lined trash can for Jeff to lose his supper. After a quick drink of water(?), he got back into it. He looked a bit ashy all night, but judging by his performance, everything seemed to be just fine. KILL THE BUG!!
  3. Well, I guess Wilco will be opening for Neil in Detroit this Sunday. I guess the rumor was true. See you then, Wilco (and Neil).
  4. Read a rumor about Wilco opening for Neil Young (and Crazy Horse?) on the Rust List. I've got nothing to confirm this. Anyone else heard anything about it? And Wilco will be playing the Bridge School Benefit? MJ
  5. Love to see them in my hometown. What's the scoop on the WXRT presale. I'm in Columbus OH and I can't find anything about it on WXRT's website. Peace, Mike
  6. Hi, All. Don't know why I never received an email from the Wilco website, but I missed out on the really good seats for Columbus OH, October 16 I haven't bought any tickets yet. If anyone could help me out with 1 or 2 tickets, I would really appreciate it. Mike wilco@majbuzz.com
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