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  1. Neil's "Razor Love". The simplest of lines, but it resonates the most, lyrically and melodically: "You really made/My day/With the little things you say..."
  2. Actually, it's pronounced "Beatless". Like the beat of a drum. Performed by my grandmother. And she's dead.
  3. Okay, I just listened to it, from Lollapalooza 2008. It actually sounds good live. But, to my ears, it's not half as good as most anything by the Autumn Defense. When I hear, "there's a whole lot of money," I instinctively cringe. Sorry.
  4. It's pure scientific fact. It's so airtight, I feel asphyxiated just thinking about it. Perhaps someone can direct me to a recent live version of "It's Just That Simple"...
  5. I love John's stuff with the Autumn Defense, but I always have to skip "It's Just That Simple" when listening to A.M. It's extremely weak, lyrically and vocally. Its only purpose on the album, in my mind, is to make the songs before and after it ("That's Not The Issue" and "Should've Been In Love") sound even better than they are. Maybe they should stick in songs like "Why I'm Like This", which sounds like it was a prototype for "Leave Me (Like You Found Me)"...
  6. Sorry to jump in at seemingly the last second, but is there a deadline for submissions? Or for that matter, a tentative list?
  7. Jeff had some kind of deviated septum surgery prior to recording AGIB. It was in order to cure his migraines, which apparently didn't happen, though it certainly changed his voice. The first time I heard "Wishful Thinking," I didn't think it was him...
  8. I love Pat's voice, especially on Autumn Defense songs like "Tuesday Morning" and "Silence". I sort of feel that Jeff's voice, post-surgery, sounds similar to Pat's on these songs, but that's me.
  9. I do like George, though I was intially going for "Lola Vs. Powerman"-era Kinks. But then, I recently heard "Sue Me, Sue You Blues" for the first time and was shocked at how similar my song is to it. "Dropping My Plans" was written and recorded about the missing girl Kelsey Smith before I found out she had been killed. It was originally set to a different tune, but, yes, I did change it so that it does sounds similar to the original version of "Spiders". I figured it was okay considering the gravity of what I was singing about. I've never heard "Between Love and Like", so I will seek tha
  10. Great production and instrumentation. If I were to be picky, I would a. add a section that is musically different than the rest, and b. omit the Hanson-esque harmony sections. But that's me being picky. Good work. In case you'd like to exact revenge on me, I posted some songs here!
  11. All of these are productions of mine. Some are original, some are collaborations, some are covers, and some are a little of each. As I said, your criticism is appreciated. Apart Call Me When I'm Calm (Unfinished Version) Dropping My Plans Drops, Drops, Drops Headlights Only A Window See The Light
  12. Though I don't agree with his dismissal of "Sea Change", I have to agree with what he's feeling, or not feeling.
  13. Then this will I most definitely regret: I Felt Like Smashing My Face In A Clear Glass Window.
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