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  1. No, I don't expect them to show us everything, but again, this smacks of a cheap "surprise" and bad writing. There ARE rules to writing and having your characters act out of character only to service a MacGuffin is a violation of that. It seems not many others are as bothered by it as I am. And I DO think/hope the writers will have me eating my words. I don't expect them to "off a child" but I DO expect them to acknowledge that his presence there is important ... and important enough to alert the other -- Oceanic 6 -- losties. And I also think any argument that the other losties were told
  2. Well for one, , they know that little Ben is responsible for the mass genocide of the DI. For another... it's frickin Ben! The guy responsible for a LOT of the problems they have had. Jack, Kate and Hurley might not be totally cognizant of the fact that little Ben would be there. But it sure seems important enough for sayer et all to mention to them IMO. Again, it bothers me because we have all been sitting there for two episodes going "where is Ben?" and the writers held it out specifically to make a big reveal moment. Seems too manufactured to me.
  3. Not for me. Again, if little Ben has been running around the compound, Sawyer, Juliette and Jin would know it. Hell, Sayid found him in like five minutes from jail. You don\'t think that would be important enough for Juliette and Sawyer to tell Kate and Jack... like immediately! No, instead we\'ll just have a conversation about Winston Churchill and the power of reading. I don\'t know why that frustrates me so much, but it seems like sloppy writing to get to the big reveal of little Ben when they should KNOW all of the die hard fans KNOW Ben should be there. I have a measure of faith that they
  4. Thanks. Ha, well I've been posting pics here with Kodak for a while and I guess no one has said anything. It's weird bc it shows up for me. I pay the premium account thing that allows you to publish your photos on the web so it's SUPPOSED to work.
  5. Can you not see the picture? I can.
  6. This past weekend we paid a visit to the spot we're getting married this June. Here is the view:
  7. Summerteeth's album cover always reminded me of this:
  8. Hmm... I think I was better off not knowing either of those things.
  9. Broncos QBs would rather retire than play for the Bucs.
  10. Look for an announcement soon (maybe today) for Red Rocks.
  11. Question: how come everyone ripped Batman for his voice and everyones loves Rorschach with the exact same voice? Is it just that the voice was different for Bruce Wayne/Batman?
  12. While I agree with this, but it is disingenuous for CNBC to say that when they happily want everyone to do just that in order to manipulate the market to their own ends. I'm glad Cramer didn't go that route.
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