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  1. Chipotle was playing Casino Queen the other day
  2. yeah and full of paranoia. what's really amazing about this album is that wayne is 48 years old and writing this stuff. this album sounds like something from a band made up of 20 year olds. i mean how many songs on here sound like they were made by lightning bolt? it's like if lightning bolt had a singer and could write poetic lyrics then this is what they might turn out (well half the album, the other half is much more subdued). I just noticed on Conan they left out the "burning the bibles tonight" line... what vaginas
  3. the noises aside, i think this is really a great rock album. see the leaves, the ego's last stand, worm mountain - all great rock songs. thematically it seems much stronger than say yoshimi - where coyne was talking about robots for 4 songs and then that theme just completely disappeared for the second half of the album. this album the "she" that he is writing to/about reappears throughout the entire album. i'm trying to figure out what it all means still (this as my guide: http://www.flaminglips.com/forum/general-lips/wayne-song-song-commentary-embryonic-no-audio ), but it seems to be st
  4. it might be the second greatest album the flaming lips have ever made
  5. that, or the fact that the album released yesterday and people who do not download music illegally first got their hands on it and actually got to listen to it.
  6. Well Wayne Coyne is still pushing the envelope. This album is great... I wrote the Lips off after the Mystics disaster of an album but they are back in top form here.
  7. what was too much about it? it was far from the circus i thought it would be. the guy sold over 100 million albums, he was one of the most popular entertainers to ever live. by comparison, wilco's best album has sold 650,000 copies. thriller sold 65 million copies. his fans absolutely loved him - i thought it was a very fitting service that paid respects to his uniqueness and his kind heart. we'll never see another entertainer as popular as he was ever again. it was a very fitting tribute to a legend, and a deserved one after the tortuous life he lived being constantly demonized, mocked
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aejQHbet5YY stevie wonder at michael's memorial. amazing performance.
  9. man i still can't believe he's dead. i've been watching old michael jackson videos on youtube the last couple days - such an inventive entertainer. The whole skinny tie, black suit, black hat persona - his style is what made it so irresistible to watch, but his kind of fame will never be achieved again. he could easily sell out a venue that holds 10 million people. and his fan devotion is unbelievable - you'd think he was jesus or something to these people. the countless videos of girls crying and collapsing after hugging him... he met so much to so many people, but led such a tortured ex
  10. i hope sonny feeling or i'll fight.
  11. i'd say the nels cline > jay bennett crowd was in denial.
  12. I agree it is kind of phony... but there were a ton of people who did understand Jay's significance to the band before he died and were supportive of Jay. The fact is most of us would probably not be fans of Wilco if Jay hadn't been in the band helping create the masterpieces of Summerteeth and YHF. Maybe his death has made some people actually come to grips with this realization as they were obviously in denial of it prior to his death.
  13. Steven says what i've been saying for a while now, except I think it's just a problem with the record labels and what they promote as "good music". There are plenty of bands out there that are inventive and make great music but they are not the bands that are getting the millions of dollars in promotion by record labels. It's the shitty bands that keep getting promoted, and the music industry is digging it's own grave by continually spamming Nickelback, Staind, Linkin Park, etc. to the masses instead of focusing on bands like Wilco, Spoon, etc. who fly under the radar when it comes to nation
  14. maybe he thought he could write a better song than on and on and on - so he did. i think i'll fight is great - one of my favorites on the album. i did not like on and on and on that much.
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