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  1. ;)ha a lot of the top songs are tweedy/bennett
  2. I think jeff just wanted to play the lead riff and not be so cluttered with more guitars, Jesus etc is pretty simple. PLUS jay is an amazingly smooth keyboard player. In the end the lesson is you can't lose with any instrument Jay played.
  3. i thinka stripped down wilco with pat jeff,mike, glen and john would be very cool to hear it wuld still be very full
  4. He is getting older and with his spine problems as he explains in ashes of american flags, I could see him out of the band within 5 years. I think he is a very good player and the band won't kick him out but he will probably move on or retire so to speak. Wilco has a grueling schedule and so far only two men have lasted, whose to say whats next. Eventhough jeff says he is happy with the form of the band, something like a health problem would be one of the only reasons to break these 6 guys up. He just wants to defy gravity and float but his body doesnt like when he goes nuts on stage. Who woul
  5. It has to be In a future age i love that song very jay bennett i think....
  6. now i know this might sound sad but everything goes both good and bad.
  7. wait what are you talking about the dead played different every night and they had 6 or 7 studio albums of all new songs going into their sets after pig pen dies. after he dies they arguably had the most new material ever for their band. they are no the band to compare wilco to in this sense.
  8. this article is dumb. how could u fuck the lyrics for she's a jar up. like if you're going to quote a line from the song maybe listen to the song first lol. does this person even listen to the songs or even own a copy of summerteeth?
  9. At one of their recent shows the band played this for the first time. Its one of my favs off the new album. I WOULD love to hear it! Thanks
  10. who plays in bennett's band on the seattle 2002.
  11. i dont care about this because its petty who gives a fuck about any of you guys Like honestly i was pissed when i wrote that i tried to apologize and new people come on here and bait me when i never intended to bait anyone if though you all say i did. I dont want you guys to do anything I DONT CARE like its weird when you say something and people think your saying something else
  12. That there was a lot of ill will for jay b4 he died now all these jay lovers are everywhere when around 5% would even stick up for him a week ago Honestly i dont care about this anymore
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