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  1. https://lyte.com/r/sWDlgR EDIT: EVENT OVER I can't attend due to some personal issues. I am selling a single Pitchfork Music Festival 2022 weekend pass (July 15 - 17) through the officially sponsored Lyte resale service at face value. The service fees are also cheaper through the resale service than buying new 3 day passes.
  2. Yeah, this Hill Auditorium crowd is by far the drowsiest I have ever seen. I had a bad feeling when barely anyone was sang "hello" or "I am trying to break your heart." Hell, even Jesus, Etc. didn't feel the same. Pretty disappointed in my home state today. It also doesn't help that this tour's tickets presale went live on the Monday immediately following Solid Sound Festival when people were traveling home.
  3. Perth 10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄ 715 - CR∑∑KS Heavenly Father Towers 666 ʇ Michicant 8 (circle) Flume Creature Fear ____45_____ Minnesota, WI Blood Bank Holocene re: stacks Skinny Love 33 “GOD” Beth/Rest 22 (OVER S∞∞N) The Wolves (Act I And II) ====== Disclaimer, I have never had a chance to see Bon Iver, but I found a good time to finally go. And boy, I did myself good bringing my earplugs, but the amplifiers that had no reason to be there still shook and rattled my entire body all night. The performance astonished me. I think most Bon Iver fans would
  4. I haven't posted in a while, but I'm finally going to one of these after a lack of conflicts. My name is Leon. Hope to meet some VCers. Please say hi, because in real life, I'm too fracking shy.
  5. Finally saw a non-festival hometown show (out of towner here). I don't think I'll ever shake off the miserable feeling of hearing people talk during opening act, especially in the front, then pretend and chat with the front band between songs as if they cared. I did appreciate the Chicago enthusiasm and the heavy leaning toward Being There, especially with Sunken Treasure and The Lonely 1. They kind of blazed through the encore. My sister and I had a pretty good time. She even got her first setlist, then one of the people next to her started to pester her to sell the setlist starting fr
  6. Orchestra Pit AAA 2 seats. I think this is fine.
  7. The album should incite laughter with its sober yet morbid take on maturity (or lack thereof). I think you lose a significant amount of the punch of the album if you don't hear the humor. Could you backhand slap us a bit harder, please? If not, provide fruitful or blunt points as you've mentioned such as "I hate their band name", "I don't like nasally singing voice", or "why would you combine sincerity and absurdist projection, that's stupid." Otherwise, here's some directions to go home.
  8. People were definitely chatting in the front rows during William Tyler, and pretty loudly. That really disappointed me, but the Hill's sound wasn't super this time around unlike 3 years ago and 11 years ago. But, most of the chatter died down once Wilco took stage.
  9. Sure, I'll take the bait for $2000, Alex. I need to earn my pretentious hipster cred, so I will see them Friday even though I have been seeing them live about close to once a year, which comes nowhere near Bböp's attendance record. But, whatever.
  10. Just spotted this in the comments (which are now up) on the Youtube stream. pugghead: Jeff Tweedy please Jason Molina yourself. Not sure if (s)he's really bad at trolling or if (s)he's just really bad at respecting the dead and the living.
  11. Less Than You Think Art Of Almost I Am Trying To Break Your Heart I Might Via Chicago Spiders [Acoustic Version] Impossible Germany Born Alone Laminated Cat She's A Jar Say You Miss Me Whole Love Box Full Of Letters Hummingbird California Stars Forget The Flowers Dawned On Me A Shot In The Arm --- Jesus, Etc. Hate It Here Heavy Metal Drummer Walken I'm The Man Who Loves You --- The Late Greats
  12. So, might there be a relation between camera changes and the sync issues?
  13. No, they have multiple cameras. I remember them changing the view to Glenn during Art Of Almost. They've been using this camera ever since they started trying to fix the audio/video syncing issues.
  14. No, I mean what I say. It could be worse is a fallacy that really gets on my nerves. Yes, your predicament is less dire than other blights, but that doesn't mean you're not entitled to your gripes nor does it mean you should settle. And yes, great setlist so far. How many more Summerteeth songs tonight? 0 or 1?
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