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  1. F'n Oranje. Looked like shit against the Danes. Robben continues his choke-fest. I need to pick another team to root for, they always break my heart.
  2. I have a Kindle and I like it a lot. I don't love it because there are certain things about it that I think could be improved - page formatting being the biggest letdown in my opinion. I wish I would have waited a few months and bought the Fire as opposed to the Kindle. But I do like the fact that it is easy to read in direct sunlight, which I think could possibly be a drawback of the iPad (and yes, the iPad and Android tablets do have Kindle apps). I'm not very familiar with the Nook, but from what I can tell, it may have similar features to the Fire. The other problem with any e-read
  3. I like it. It has everything I want from Neil and the Horse - it's loud, loose, and rough. Jesus's Chariot is my favorite. Sure, it's not the very best thing that Neil and the Horse have ever done, but it still makes me want to turn the volume knob up to 11.
  4. WTF, Windsor!!!! You got to be kidding me, why not Detroit!. I hate crossing the border.
  5. Just finished Peter Bergen's Manhunt. Amazing access that guy gets, and it makes the account of the analysis of all the intelligence (or lack thereof) leading up to the decision to actually raid the compound in Abbatabod all the more courageous. It certainly puts Romney's flippant comment that everyone, even Jimmy Carter, would have ordered the raid in some context (Biden and Gates both thought the intelligence that OBL actually was at the compound was not good enough to justify the risk of carrying out the raid). And speaking of courageous, those SEALS and the QRT members who came on to t
  6. I can't believe we are at the bottom of page two of this thread and no one has told me how many "Nothings" there were. Come on people, don't hold back, I know someone counted.
  7. I've heard that Lou's claims about classical music bits in MMM were just part of a ruse that he was playing, trying to get critics and whatnot to claim that they heard the classical elements in all the noise and feedback when in fact there was nothing of the sort. Who knows, but I wouldn't put it past Lou to pull something like that.
  8. So one of the great things about Spotify is that I am getting to listen to all those albums I've heard about but am to thrifty (ok, so I'm cheap) to buy. So last night I decided I was going to try to get through Metal Machine Music, one of the most loathed albums of all time. I made it to the 8 minute mark (about halfway) of Part I. So the question goes out to the masses - How far can you get through MMM before you have to call it quits or your ears bleed?
  9. Blashamey. Paul Weller, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler would not agree with this statement.
  10. Came out yesterday, picked up a 6 pack on the way home from work. If the 80+ degree temps in SW Michigan wasn't a sign, this sure is, Summer is on the way!
  11. This new album could be absolutely mind-blowing or a complete waste of everyone's time. There will be no middle ground. I can see Neil and the Horse completely redefining these classic songs in such a tremendous fashion, but that blurb about the children's chorus has me worried as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for something amazing.
  12. The Clash The Stones The Beatles The Kinks The Who Led Zep The Faces Elvis Costello and The Attractions The Jam The Specials
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