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  1. Ridiculous set list and top notch performance... thought Mikael especially killed it on the keys... Always in Love sounded a bit darker to me in a good way... man I wish I was there... can't wait for London
  2. EKG... More Random Name Generator The Joke Explained I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Art of Almost Pickled Ginger Hummingbird Handshake Drugs Where Do I Begin Cold Slope King of You Via Chicago Spiders (electric) Jesus etc Box Full of Letters Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Dawned on Me Impossible Germany Late Greats California Stars w Jason Isbell Red Eyed and Blue I Got You Outta Site Outta Mind The boys killed it... Great time... Some lady got on stage and starting dancing next to the band and after the song Jeff said "that hasn't happened since the 90s"... After nels solo on Germany, Jeff said that the solo wasn't included in the price of admission and took his hat off to pass it around collecting money... Funny... Great show and fun to see Star Wars tunes mixed into set list
  3. King of You has to stay around too... love that tune
  4. A few more dates added this summer in Europe: 6/22 Croatia 6/24 Montenegro Cool places to play! They've played Zagreb, Croatia before but first time to Montenegro...
  5. That was great and he was tearing up for sure... Jeff and the boys were all clapping for him too.. it was great to see. Nels also got a huge response from Impossible Germany solo and Jeff tipped his hat in Nels' direction
  6. I thought the lights were killer... I'll post some pics... Fun time and ready for night 2!
  7. Agree about Boston - I'm doing both shows and would prefer a setlist mix up... I do want one of the nights to open with Star Wars in full
  8. Cassidy Row Jimmy Ramble on Rose Big River Peggy O Sugaree Music Never Stopped Deal Uncle John's Band Estimated Prophet Terrapin Station Drums Space Dear Prudence Get Out of My Life, Woman Goin Down the Road Feeling Bad Ripple John Mayer fits the Dead very well and boy did he do his homework. He absolutely ripped it up and sounded great. And I must say that Bobby was in great form and spot on, which isn't always the case. A very enjoyable night. Fun to hear those songs still going strong. The crowd had lots of energy which translated nicely to the band.
  9. In 'The Joke Explained' "I sweat tears but I don't ever cry" That has to be one of the most simple and best lyrics Jeff has ever written… and when you watch the Pitchfork footage, the first time they played it live, John turns to Glenn with a huge smile after Jeff sings that line… so awesome… i love it!
  10. Glad I went… Random Name Generator then The Joke Explained is a great combo… also Cold Slope > King of You is really incredible. Good vibes all around and a nice summer night rock concert… I felt like there was a nice mix of fans and those curious to check out Wilco… either way we all left satisfied!
  11. SS4 was great! Always such an amazing weekend that goes by so fast... Obviously Wilco, Tweedy and all the guys' side projects were fantastic and I knew that going in... but NRBQ and Felice Brothers stole the show for me in terms of other guest performers. See you all next time... Oh and after their late arrival, I spent all my remaining money at the Samosa Man food stand! See you all next time...
  12. Jeff said twice during the set that the night was as close to perfect as it could be... they were loving it... great crowd... great songs... great weather... and then he said they will "bring the rock" for tonight's set... can't wait!
  13. Done with work until July 13! Leaving in the morning for the Berkshires! See you all there… Each Solid Sound has been different and I'm excited to see what #4 has in store… Rain or shine I'll be there man
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