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  1. It was a phenomenal experience. One of the top musical experiences of my life, and I've had some... Roseanne is a national treasure. An incredible performer and storyteller who brought the South alive in such a visceral way - evocative images displayed behind her, befitting each song from The River & The Thread. It was really moving. She brings her humanity to her craft and to the stage and it's a beautiful thing. I felt so lucky to be there and to experience that. Great band, great time. A couple things to add re: JT. I was shocked when she said they had only just met the night before. The tracks for Long Black Veil were done separately. She said she first heard about JT when Golden Smog covered Seven Year Ache. https://www.instagram.com/p/BCB2Pe_u6DE/?taken-by=boredbehindbarn
  2. Thank you for sharing those videos. Can't believe there are still tears.
  3. How great?! Sooooo great. We were late to New Haven, came in on You Satellite, had to navigate to find a decent spot, and just never really caught up. Sooooo glad I went to Portchester last night, on a whim. Such a unique and incredible experience to hear the entire album played so enthusiastically. Felt raw, fresh and intense. I was just grinning and laughing, as I did the first time I heard the album. So blissed out with the lights and the energy and noise. It's my favorite Wilco sound/material. Yay!
  4. Yes, early in Magnetized it almost seemed like he was signalling to have someone tossed, then security escorted out a blonde dude. Other than that, and the two guys who were dragged out by their collars, FABULOUS, FRIENDLY CROWD AND SO MUCH FUN! I was one back from the rail in front of Pat and no talkers over there! Was a beautiful thing. Incredible experience to see Star Wars in its entirety. We were late to New Haven Sunday night and so bummed to miss it, and our overall experience that night was meh. So glad I decided to go last night - and thank you to Yaz Rock for the ticket! How exciting to see Star Wars come alive in all its raw intensity. So great to see the band playing that kind of material and obviously having so much fun doing it. And no California Stars!! Woot! It's all I can do to try and talk myself out of trying to go again tonight.....
  5. Top 5 of 50ish Wilco shows. More tomorrow. "My Kravitz"
  6. Waiting with baited breath to see if they are still playing the album straight through on this stretch of the tour. Hoping like hell for it on Sunday night in New Haven! And probably Tuesday and/or Wednesday in Portchester, knowing me...
  7. Thanks so much for posting this. May try to go after all!
  8. Mad love for Mark Mulcahy! That was the one performer who may knock me off the fence about going...
  9. Ack - I'm late to the game this year and not finding any lodging options. I really thought that they were going to be offering a hotel package with the Holiday Inn, similar to what they did at Red Rocks. It confounds me that the entire Holiday Inn is booked that weekend. Makes no sense. We stayed there the first year and it made for such an amazing experience, being blocks away. We were spoiled, I guess, and now I'm cranky about it. Anyone finding any options? Still haven't bought tickets, so if we can't find anything reasonably close we probably won't go...
  10. Weird. I had a hard time getting into this show and probably felt the least engaged of the 25+ times I've seen them... I blamed the setlist but it was just as likely a personal problem. Glad to hear that y'all had fun! I had much more fun in Burlington the next night.
  11. Cooperstown and Burlington with curvemyflight Hartford with Mr. Cracked & Hooked Woot!
  12. I'm crying and laughing at the same time over that. Gah!
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