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  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to hearing these.
  2. Terminal 5 the worst. Wilco the best. "Say You Miss Me" was in Brooklyn, and yep, he made that comment after "WTWGIS."
  3. NYC Taper was recording, and he usually posts shows within a few days and does an excellent job.
  4. What an unbelievably great run in NYC. Jimbo, I only started seeing them in 2007, but these three nights were just incredible. I'm not sure the entire crowd at Terminal 5 got it, but for those of us who did, wow.
  5. As for tapers, there's a user in another thread here that said he/she taped the show and would be able to share it. Hopefully Wilco will give both nights the full release treatment.
  6. The set list from Setlist.fm, which looks accurate as far as I can tell: Dawned On Me War On War I Might I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Muzzle of Bees Born Alone You Are My Face Impossible Germany Sunken Treasure I'm Always In Love Jesus, Etc. Handshake Drugs Whole Love Box Full Of Letters Hate It Here Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You A Shot in the Arm Encore: Poor Places Art Of Almost Standing O California Stars Encore 2: The Late Greats Red-Eyed and Blue > I Got You Outta Mind (Outta Sight) I'm A Wheel
  7. Absolutely, thanks! If we're lucky, Wilco will put these shows out as official releases. Tonight's set was certainly deserving of it, but any recording would be very much appreciated.
  8. The great NYC Taper is taping Wilco's Terminal 5 and Cooperstown shows but will not be at the Prospect Park shows. Would anyone happen to know if someone else will be recording those?
  9. A recording exists! It's over at nyctaper.com. They wrote that it's not exactly a top notch bootleg, but four songs in it's sounding pretty damn good to me.
  10. I've been wondering the same thing about the 4/3 show. The guys over at nyctaper.com had said they'd be posting it shortly after they posted the 4/2 show. They didn't record it but know the person who did. Haven't heard anything since then, but hopefully it surfaces sooner than later. The recording of my first Wilco gig at the Warsaw in Brooklyn took almost 4 months to show up, so you never know.
  11. Nice find, thanks! Hadn't gone back to the comments in the nyctaper post from Friday night because I knew he wasn't there on Saturday night. Glad to hear he's got a friend who was. Can't wait to hear Chapter 2 of a fantastic weekend again.
  12. Did we ever hear who was taping this night? Definitely saw a mic setup by the soundboard but didn't make it over to ask.
  13. Add me to that list. Was hoping for (and requested) What's the World Got in Store in Jersey and they played it the night after the two Jersey shows. No complaints at all, but would have loved to have that thrown in.
  14. I don't know who the taper was on Saturday night, but there was definitely one there. I'm sure it'll pop up on one of the usual sites, hopefully etree.
  15. Definitely played Hummingbird. And I really don't recall hearing Side with the Seeds - maybe that's where Hummingbird slots in to the list? Looks pretty accurate otherwise.
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