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  1. I've been trying to find an episode of The Tweedy Show in which Jeff discusses the intention behind "She's a Jar." I thought it was a really early one but can't find it. I've also been going through the recaps but no such luck. Anybody know?
  2. Someone has written a book by that name.
  3. Does anyone know what songs were broadcast on Wilco's show on Austin City Limits that was broadcast on November 3, 2007? Please let me know if you can. Thanks, Daniel
  4. Hey - I'm working on a project involving Wilco's TV appearances. Wilco played The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on May 28, 1999. Does anyone know what song they played? Thanks, Daniel
  5. Yes, I know those dates. I can find only one recording from those shows - 11/19. That show's version of the song doesn't have the same dedication or anecdote.
  6. Question for the hardcore (sorry for the length) - I have a live track of "Give Back the Key to My Heart" that doesn't have a venue/date. It has Tweedy dedicating the song after its performed to Doug Sahm because he "died the other day." Tweedy said “When we recorded that song…he said, we were playing sort of sloppy you know in Uncle Tupelo ‘you guys go ahead and do it your way, when I do my part, it’ll be perfect.” Now since Sahm died in Nov. of 1999 I'd think it would be a show shortly after but I can't find a recording that lines up with the track I've got. Anybody know what show it came
  7. Thanks so much, man! Really appreciate the link.
  8. Does anyone know where this Jeff Tweedy quote about "The Lonely 1" comes from? - "There’s two characters in ‘The Lonely 1’ and that’s the rock star and the fan, and that’s all it is to me. Music means something different to everybody and the stars are different to everybody. A lot of people don’t care who Ian Hunter is, but if I was in the same room with him, I wouldn’t be able to talk." I can't seem to find it online. Thanks
  9. I'm looking for a copy of Wilco's show at the Riviera Theatre, Chicago 2/20/08, part of the residency in which they played their entire catalog. It's not up at Owl and Bear, and Sooutoftune.org has been down for a while. Thanks!
  10. Hey - I've been trying to find a copy of Wilco's appearance on Sound Opinions 9/18/01. I've seen a thread about someone looking for it before but I've messaged those folks and haven't gotten any response. I've even messaged Greg Kot about it. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance. - Daniel boopbloop7@gmail.com
  11. Is there anywhere online where there's a breakdown about what what date each track on Kicking Television: Live in Chicago is from? The bonus 8 tracks too on the vinyl box would be nice too. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey - I have a comp that has a track of Tweedy doing a solo version of the Grateful Dead's "Ripple" in which he barely sings any of the verses instead making up lines because he doesn't know each and every word about how he's not a Dead fan. I think it's a Lounge Ax show but I can't seem to locate which one. Thanks!
  13. Let me add another question, but about a Letterman appearance. Anyone know what Wilco played on the Late Show on 5/15/07?
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