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  1. Something I wrote after the SB show.... Is it just me or do others have religious experiences at Tweedy/Wilco shows?
  2. My kids' band: http://forjemusic.bandcamp.com/ Give a listen. Traces of Wilco influence. They just won a battle of the bands here in Atlanta. Good fun....
  3. And Get Lucky is a freaking revelation.
  4. Yes, yes, yes. Still so utterly and absolutely All Wilco All the Time. I'm surprised myself at the longevity of this musical love affair. Hi to you too kidsmoke. I need to spend more time here...
  5. I miss this place. Hardly here at all anymore. Always loved listening to a webcast live and commenting while in this place. I think either you LouieB or Beltmann sent me a great Whiskeytown unreleased album once that I've cherished since receiving. Lots of good people here.
  6. What an incredible show--I would have given my left foot to be there and hear all covers. And I've been watching some of the posted videos. I'm not expert in Tweedy psychology, but I don't think I've seen him smile so much through a show. He and the band look like they are having a great time. The "we're all alright" at end of Surrender after going through all the band members is as ecstatic as I've heard him. I hope they do this again next year. I'll be there.
  7. I've seen all these songs played countless times but there is no doubt the setting added a completely new dimension. The moon, the cool air, the stars, the lights, the smoke, etc. Fantastic show all the way through--including but not limited to Spiders, Sunken Treasure, Box Full of Letters, Always in Love, and that transition from IATTBYH to AOA. Biggest disappointment without question was the Elllllllll Laaaaaaaay crowd. Sitting the whole freaking time, which is never the case in the South....
  8. I've seen many Wilco shows and Thursday night was truly one of the best. Box Full of Letters, Muzzle of Bees, some selections from Being There...just out of this world. After Impossible Germany, even Jeff made the comment "beautiful", which you don't often hear from him during the show. And lots of smiles on stage. Also, did anyone catch what Nels said when he went to the mike?
  9. Am I pathetic or what? This is what I want to do three nights in a row???? AWATT Side with the Seeds
  10. It's a go. Company on My Back... I promise I won't do this all night.
  11. Anyone up to listening to Amsterdam tonight?
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