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  1. Current schedule shows 7:45-9:00 PM set. Better than an afternoon set, but why on one of the small stages? I just don't get that. They were listed in the top 3 when the lineup dropped, so I sort of expected them to close the festival with a headline spot on Sunday. Bummer.
  2. Nice setlist. Muzzle, Misunderstood, Box Full of Letters, Hate it Here, Cali Stars, and Red Eyed & Blue / I Got You FTW!!! I Got You should never be played without Red Eyed & Blue as a lead in. Looks like Wednesday night was more Yankee Hotel Foxtrot focused, while Thursday night was all over the catalog. Kicking myself for not going now.
  3. Thanks for the offer, but just found out "we" had another commitment for tonight. Sigh. Enjoy though, I look forward to seeing the setlist. And Leatherman, yeah, I think they were very undersold, Jeff mentioned that the venue is "way out there", which is true for many of the ITP residents. I live OTP, so it was not that bad. I also think that the show had a lot of competition for our dollars this week. Music Midtown, Elvis Costello at Chastain on Saturday, and Black Star at the Tabernacle (although it was canceled at the last minute). I was interested in all of these shows, but Wilco got my
  4. Agree with the light show comment... we were in lower mezzanine and the lights were in our eyes the entire evening. My wife is very light sensitive and had to close her eyes for most of the show. I don't mind the distortion crescendos though... I mean, they are Wilco and they have done this for some time. Crowd in lower mezzanine was a real dud however. Was asked to sit down several times by the people behind me. And the group in front of me seemed more interested in the Braves game on their iPhones than the concert. At least the ushers didn't care if you stood and danced on the terraces, w
  5. So, can't wait for Wednesday night. I went looking for other tickets for Wednesday and Thursday, and was surprised how many tickets are left. They are not the greatest seats (upper level), but Cobb only holds about 2750 seats. Was surprised to see it not sold out. Come on people, lets fill that theater!
  6. They did that last tour, or at leas they did at the Fox in Atlanta. What a wonderful evening, a show I will never forget. However, kudos for selecting Nick Lowe for this tour. A great songwriter.
  7. For many fans that arrived at Wilco a little later in their career (i.e. me), the "downward trend" that you mention does not exist. When I discover a mature band that I admittedly should have been listening to from the start, I find my favorite albums/songs don't line up with those of long time fans. Many long time fans of any band write about the decline of albums over time. That first album from a band that really turns you on will always have a huge impact on everything released afterward. I recently went through this same exercise with My Morning Jacket. For me, despite many negative co
  8. I was in the pit and it was a great show. I'm a latecomer to Wilco (bought YHF a while back but never spent much time with it), but I'm a rabid fan now. This is the first time I've seen them live and I can promise it won't be the last. For me it was the perfect setlist. Great selections from W(TA), but I had hoped he might do a duet with one of the ladies performing (Feist was not on the bill this year) at the festival for "You And I", but no dice. A duet with Lucinda Williams, Jenny Lewis, or Grace Potter would have been killer. There is an excellent FOB recording of this set at http://bt.e
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