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  1. Thanks for all the recaps on this tour, Paul! I love how thoughtful these reports are.
  2. Not as good as a bbop report but here’s an overview — https://m.inlander.com/spokane/concert-review-jeff-tweedy-show-nearly-devolves-into-disaster-despite-his-best-efforts/Content?oid=13075773
  3. I watch this a few times a year. I completely agree. The six-piece does a great job capturing all the layers of that recording which has Jeff on a 12-string baritone acoustic, Jim O’Rourke on acoustic, Leroy plays bass on it. Jim, John and Mike all put down piano parts and the electric parts are Jeff in pure “SG/prunes/custard/and migraines” mode.
  4. Oh man I completely forgot about that song. There are some rough patches on Sky Blue Sky and Wilco The Album that have been dunked upon here plenty and I don’t have much to say other than I agree (Shake it Off, Leave Me, What Light, You Never Know, You & I, Sonny Feeling). But the one I really don’t like is a B-side that eventually became a great song (it was re-written as Summer Teeth) and that is Tried and True, which has always been nails on a chalkboard to me.
  5. Not quite what you are looking for but the audio for these are available on the Wilco Live Archive in the Alpha Romeo Tango boxset compliation.
  6. I’m pretty sure that is a Martin with the headstock logo worn off. Those vintage nylon Martins are a real treat to play.
  7. A new Wilco song called "All Lives, You Say?" is available for immediate download with a charitable contribution. Proceeds will go to the Southern Poverty Law Center, in the memory of Jeff Tweedy's father, Robert L. Tweedy (1933-2017). "My dad was named after a Civil War general, and he voted for Barack Obama twice. He used to say 'If you know better, you can do better.' America - we know better. We can do better." - Jeff Tweedy https://wilcohq.bandcamp.com
  8. I think it's a Gibson ES-175 (https://loviesguitars.com/product/1979-gibson-es-175-natural/). Richard Thompson played one in the early days of Fairport Convention. I really like the newish arrangement of that as well. The xylophone is a nice touch.
  9. I think this arrangement is becoming my preferred version.
  10. Paul, did it seem to you like Nels' had a monitor go out on Art of Almost too? I can't remember if we talked about this after the show, but in the section right after Glenn's drum roll that transitions into one his signature face-melting solos it seemed like he was struggling with a few of his pedals. Wilco is the first LOUD rock band I've seen at the Clay Center. I was innocently thinking coming in "oh Tedeschi Trucks sounded great here, I bet Wilco will too." Not taking into account just how loud something like say "You Satellite" is. From my perspective, Star Wars sounded great, and the sound issues really started when they started into their older material. I was really surprised by the amount of people walking out, I feel like that was a crowd of a lot of casual fans who weren't really aware how long Wilco sets are. At least I'll keep telling myself that to not get too angry at the people who left during Impossible Germany.
  11. I grew up in Charleston and I went to high school about two blocks away from the site where Wilco played last night. And I spent the first three years of high school watching the construction of this Theater/Science Museum. I never would have imagined that the band I was growing further and further obsessed with as YHF and Summerteeth became glued into my Mazda's CD player would one day be playing there. And we've gotten two shows in four months! All right enough of me, Setlist time (feel free to chip in with corrections, Paul, I'm going to try to do it from memory.) EKG (intro music played as band came onto stage. 1. More... 2. Random Name Generator 3. The Joke Explained 4. You Satellite 5. Taste The Ceiling 6. Pickled Ginger 7, Where Do I Begin (first song of the night that made me tear up) 8. Cold Slope 9. King of You 10. Magnetized 11. Via Chicago 12. Handshake Drugs 13. Camera (the More Like The Moon version, Jeff just handled the vocals, Pat and Nels played the guitar parts) 14. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 15. Art of Almost 16. Sunken Treasure (electric arrangement) 17. Hummingbird 18. Box Full of Letters 19. Heavy Metal Drummer 20. I'm The Man Who Loves You 21. Dawned On Me 22. Impossible Germany 23. The Late Greats Hootenanny encore (all acoustic) 24. Misunderstood 25. It's Just That Simple 26. War on War 27. I'm Always in Love 28. Jesus, etc. 29. A Shot in the Arm. Banter corner -- Jeff introduced Box Full of Letters by saying "we'd like to do some older songs now, this is from our first record. (cheers) "Shut up, you don't have it." Gear notes -- Jeff had three or four Strats he rotated in on the electric numbers -- Where Do I Begin, Sunken Treasure, Cold Slope/King of You, and a few others. He also had a blonde Rickenbacker 330 for The Late Greats. On Cold Slope/King of You, Nels played a Collins -- pictured here (https://www.instagram.com/p/BGFgKlQrrX3/). And played this one (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/lancemarks/media/Nels_Green.jpg.html) on Art of Almost and Camera. There were some sound balance issues throughout the night that did not impede the performance at all, but I definitely couldn't hear a lot of Mike after the Star Wars set. The Hootenanny encore sounded perfect though. The wall of guitar noise the Nels, Jeff and Pat are getting is completely breathtaking. It's like watching My Bloody Valentine if they had stage charisma. Excellent night overall. How did I do, Paul? --Mike
  12. I told Paul he could take a night off tonight, since the Wilcos played in my hometown for the first time in 21 years. For the unaware, Mountain Stage is a public radio program that broadcasts from the Capitol complex of my home state of West Virginia. Four or five acts do short sets that are edited later for broadcast. Wilco headlined and did about a 35 minute acoustic set much like their show ending hootenannies. Here's what we got. 1.) Misunderstood (Mike was on acoustic, John 12-string. Jeff and John did harmonies on the eight nothings.) 2.) Joke Explained (Mike played a multi-colored melodica that someone opined "looked like he was smoking a box of crayolas. John played an acoustic bass.) 3.) It's Just That Simple (John on acoustic, sublime) 4.) War on War (John got the 12-string again and Pat put down the banjo and played xylophone). 5.) I'm Always in Love (I told Paul, "I hope they play something from Summerteeth" and they delivered!) 6.) Jesus, etc. (John moved back over to bass. Pretty sure Pat was on banjo. One of the show highlights). 7.) California Stars (same setup as Jesus) 8.) A Shot in the Arm (Pat back on xylophone, John on 12-string, this song always makes me teary when they do it) And Finally 9. Space Oddity (Jeff on 12-string, nailed it perfectly, sublime ending to the night). Not a lot of banter because they were trying to fit as much music in as possible. Jeff, Glenn on his small drum kit, and Nels on dobro came back out with the Mountain Stage house band and a few of the acts for the closing song Wade in the Water. --Mike
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