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  1. HBD VC! Thanks to all my “internet friends” for many years of interesting exchanges and sincere affections! -LL I can’t believe I managed to log in on the first try! Now I’m going to run away - I don’t want to wade in too deeply because I was mostly in my 20s during my active VC days and I fear what embarrassing skeletons I might find if I dig around here for long now. 😆
  2. You people are out of "hand." *grumble grumble, something about the second page*
  3. This taint business is really neither here nor there.
  4. It has something to do with a puking dragon with bad teeth and a cute pilgrim kitty? Yay, I am so looking forward to getting older so that the mysteries of life will be revealed to me!
  5. I'm really more of a "visual learner," so you'll probably just have to show me. Oh, on topic: There's a pretty good chance the next Wilco album will suck - subjectively, on my terms, in my humble opinion, chronologically, all that jazz.
  6. I have held Poongoogler's member many times with thoughts of Flick.
  7. Because sucking is totally subjective and we're all free to express our opinions and all that jazz, I'm going to put my ballot in the "always have, always will suck" hat.
  8. Ditto this. And for the record, I liked both Eccleston and Tennant more than the new guy. I'm cool with the new guy but I loooooved Tennant.
  9. I'm stoked too! One complaint: Why can't he be foxy still? Big head, too young, blah, blah, grumble grumble...
  10. Here's some random geeky shizz... I was reading a Who discussion on Facebook and found this comment interesting: Is that what's going on, you think?
  11. The eeeeend of tiiiiime! Can't wait 'til New Years! Part 1 was slow picking up, but I'm stoked for the second part now.
  12. Hallelujah for this sort of thing: You probably already know about Spong, Joe. He says
  13. She chose (assuming she had a choice) several great movies to do. I found one of my favorite movies ever, "Hud," for $3 last week!
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