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  1. awful news, heard last night and put Darkside on straight away
  2. I saw Bright Eyes play "Digital Ash...", start to finish and I'm seeing Nada Surf play "Let Go" in its entirety at the southbank centre later this month Oh and I went to Brian Wilsons "Lucky Old Sun" premier
  3. You have clearly never seen Neil Young play live
  4. as did I, good stuff. cool man
  5. what surgery did he have?, His voice is alot better on SBS, I assumed he had maybe had some coaching
  6. His vocals on Cassadaga are amazing, I think Hot Knives is the only one he went a bit goaty. I really liked that album
  7. Wow, after listening all day I really love this record. I like how it sounds like he didnt really put too much effort into it, I don't mean that like its lazy it just sounds very effortless Hope this is coming out on vinyl
  8. Call Me When I'm Calm is awesome, you sing a little like Pat Sansone and yes the slide part is very George. like it alot
  9. I like it, think his voice sounds really great on a couple tunes...deeper, kind of like Cassadaga but deeper still, Milk Thistle is great
  10. Thats cool man, probably could do with a nice bridge or something. and the Bah bah harmonies were intended to be more Beach Boys then Hanson. oh well. and thanks alot GtrPlyr!
  11. www.myspace.com/attheendoftheworldband I always feel like this should go in SST though last time I got shouted at...anyway, set up this new myspace for a tune I've been working on with one of the other guys in my band. It's more drum machine/sample based then anything I've done before but I'm pretty happy with it, would be cool to see what other people think Much love x
  12. Beck - Cry Me A River http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POeJOuGP3Dg
  13. I love it so far, Walls and Gamma Ray are my favs
  14. yeah I was really late on noticing he had a new record out, pretty cool that its all still on myspace though
  15. You can stream JVs latest in full at his myspace, seriously if you haven't heard this guy before you are really missing out, check out 'The Parade' especially
  16. they sound really good, i was sure they were real strings
  17. I really like my bands cover of Becks The Golden Age I love the vocal on it, it's incredible, we set up a single 57 and he nailed it first take with the acoustic same take. I put bucketloads of reverb on my guitar to cover mistakes since I've never really tried to play slide before but it came out pretty nice. one of those lovely accidents i think
  18. I am listening, but haven't had a chance to reply, I was really impressed with the violins in the roses cover, listening to 'My Darling' right now, really nice but the guitars are well too loud
  19. I really like my bands cover of Becks The Golden Age
  20. its not the rattle that annoys me, but the hum. I will for sure swap it for a brand new one its just the store wont get them in for 10 days and i was kind of hoping to gig with it on thursday, oh well
  21. fuck, just my luck...serves me right for being impatient I suppose
  22. Just got my new Blues Jr. home from the store and i've noticed it's doing a couple of odd things, at about half volume loud stabs will make the the amp rattle, I have a feeling this may just be the reverb but its hard to tell, but when I crank it almost full whack it makes a kind of moaning hum, is this normal for the volume or is something not right? It was the last one off the floor anday had been the demo, they told me I could bring it back and swap it for a new one when they came in if I liked, I may do this anyway just to get a boxed one but would rather not have the hassle of going bac
  23. me and my band are trying to decide the best way to do this too, thanks for posting. hope some people have advice
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