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  1. Look up the "Classic Albums" series. They are documentaries on the making of many famous albums, featuring the artists, producers, engineers, etc. The Dark Side of the Moon episode is incredible.
  2. Great! Thanks for taking time to listen! Let me know what you think!
  3. Hello VCers, As a (fairly) longtime member of this board, I would like to announce my band's release of our first EP. The Electric Project - Daydream EP I hope some of you guys take a chance to listen! Our website is under construction, but check us out there too! Enjoy!
  4. reranch.com/reranch Don't say we didn't warn you
  5. Dude. That's pretty sweet. For me, as a songwriter, I long for that moment. Congratulations!
  6. Go with JJ tubes. Purchase a matched pair of power tubes (as well as whatever other tubes you may need). Makes sure something hasn't gotten stuck to the speaker magnet and is now rubbing the woofer itself. I have seen wire ties do this multiple times.
  7. Fulltone OCD. Best one I have ever had.
  8. Check out the MXR Dyna-comp. Pretty good pedal.
  9. Check the fuse. Funny what problems a $.10 piece can cause.
  10. Be sure to heavily weigh how air-tight the room is. Great absorption on the walls will be lost on a poorly insulated door.
  11. Now that I've let this movie digest, I can't wait to see it again. The scene in the bar is just amazing.
  12. This is a pretty cool idea. Not only every question you might have, but every question that is presented -- like (big ones for me)Why have so many Losties "bumped into" each other throughout life? The Numbers?
  13. Just saw it. Really liked it. Sure was damn violent! "The Bear Jew" scene was tough to watch.
  14. GE = Golden Era. GREAT guitars. Lots of pros will swear by these. Make SURE to keep it humidified.
  15. Just a word of caution -- I work with guitars and amps for a living -- you can BURN OUT your amp by fritzing around with the voltage. Be sure to do a lot of research. Additionally, you can "calm" a Fender amp down by substituting different preamp tubes to change the amp's breakup. There are many varieties of tubes that can be used instead of a stock 12ax7. Perhaps a safer thing to try firts. My $.02.
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