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  1. Hey guys, I was out at my local vintage store the other day, and happened to eye an old acoustic guitar in the back. I figured it would be some no-name clunker, but upon turning it around I realized it was a vintage Nippon Gakki Yamaha FG-110...it looked to be in pretty okay shape, the action was a little high but the price wasn't, so I bought it on a whim figuring I could flip it for a modest price if need be. However, I took it down to my shop the other day and they confirmed my fear; it needs a neck reset to be fully playable again. They said there are a couple of adjustments they can m
  2. I feel like it is likely either a problem with the ohms or the reverb...luckily I just found another small powered mixer on craigslist for cheap, so I guess it's time to just bite the bullet and get rid of this thing.
  3. Hi, I have a Kustom KPM4080 PA that I have been having problems with. It's this one pictured below: A friend lent it to me so I had something to use for practicing with the boys. However it recently stopped working right, and I'm not the in financial situation (see: college) to be throwing down the cash for a new one. I know it's not a high quality unit, but I'm hoping there's something I can do to fix it. It will power on, but no sound will come through any of the channels. If I unplug it and plug it back in, it will power on and work fine for a few minutes but will then suddenly go mu
  4. An update: we've had a typical North Carolina December so far, with really fluctuating temperatures, and I don't think the conditions have been the finest for guitars. I've noticed one of them in paticular (the Martin, augh!) being sharp after a while, and maybe it's just me worrying but it looks like the soundboard is moving a little under the bridge. The action is definitely off, I just had it set up a month or so ago. I'm considering running it down the street to the tech to see if he can assuage my worries.
  5. Sounds a hell of a lot like growing up around here.
  6. Yeah, I've got them all mounted up on the walls...my roommate has an asshole cat that doesn't mix well with unstable objects. I'll just play it by ear and see how it goes. I live in western Raleigh, right by NCSU campus.
  7. So, the back story is I moved into an older apartment building this summer, and brought my guitars along. During the summer, it was blistering hot in NC, and thusly didn't use the heater any. But it's starting to get chilly, and I'm wanting to seek refuge from those frigid mornings. I've been afraid the steam furnaces we have here in this building might not be good for my acoustic guitars, I haven't used them too much...especially after finding my Martin severely out of tune, which has never happened before. I thought it might be messing with the amount of humidity in the room. The guitars
  8. I did check the fuse, so it's not that...only other thoughts are a bad switch, wire, or motor. I was hoping to diagnose this without having to drop the $$$ on a mechanic. If I have manual windows, why can't I have a manual sunroof? That would suit just fine, I think.
  9. Anyone familiar with these sorts of things? I have a '91 Toyota Corolla, which I love to death. It happens to have a sunroof. What it does not have, however, is a working sunroof. Now, these Carolina days are what you might call "mighty fine" to be riding around with your manual windows and your sunroof (which is electric, by the way) wide open. But alas, I can't quite catch all this nice air because the sunroof does not, for whatever reason, work. And my question is...by some odd chance, has someone else shared my pain of a broken sunroof? And if you did, did you perhaps find out why it d
  10. Thanks for all the great comments! Its been treating me great so far. I just have to get it feeling a little bit softer and get the endpin hole reamed out for a jack, and I'll be good to go. I might have some recordings of it, if I get them to do a soundboard recording at a gig next week.
  11. I've got the chords to One by One, but I'm wondering if anyone knows the little fingerpicked bridge Jeff plays in the Sunken Treasure DVD? I'm struggling to search "one", "by", or "one" on here, due to the search engine's somewhat short-spelled criteria. If anyone happens to have it figured out, the help would be appreciated. I know the progression is C Bb Am F, if that helps.
  12. Today, I finally picked up my first real, great guitar. I was looking around for a Martin 000-15 for a LONG time, to no avail...there were none in any local shops, nor in any of the 2000 Guitar Center stores(according to the sales rep). I would have had to wait a month for Martin to make more, and they would only have...3. Luckily, I scored a beautiful 00-15 off of Craigslist, and got a really good deal on it. Plus, it's a 1999, so I'm pretty sure it's all mahogony. This thing plays like a dream, I hate putting it down to even type this right now. I'm going to put an LR Bag
  13. Usually not a sound guy, it's whatever girl is working the bar that night.
  14. I have a Para DI too, but I hate switching guitars. Plus I do have to crank the gain a bit for all of my passive pick-ups, wouldn't mind a bit more pre-amp before that. But other than that, it's amazing. Adds just the amount of control to add depth and color, but really brings out the sound you need.
  15. Yeah, what's the word on those? They seem pretty competitively priced compared to the Pendulum ones. That seems like it would be especially nice when switching to different guitars onstage.
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