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  1. I have two playlist as far as Jeff's stuff goes in my iPod. One is titled 'Wilco Collection' and the other is called 'Jeff Tweedy Related Projects'. The Wilco collection is mostly every song, rarity, b-side in chronological order. I also lumped the Mermaid Avenue stuff in there that only Jeff sings. It actually is a nice flow from the Being There stuff and then into Summerteeth. I think it works. Under my 'Jeff Tweedy Related Projects' playlist, I just created a mix that I thought had the best flow to it (excluding any covers. I'm all about the originals). If anyone's interested, it goes like
  2. Thanks. I actually looked up some of the gear that Jeff and Nels use live and saw all these pedals I have never heard of. I youtube'd a lot of them and while the videos are not great, they certainly give an indication of what these pedals are capable of (minus the hair metal riffs in the videos-ha ha). With Christmas coming up I think I have a 'few' ideas.
  3. See, I have a Dan-Echo pedal. I used a straight sound for the past few years but recently pulled out all my old pedals and have been messing around with them but I don't know how well the Dan-Echo holds out against the DD-4. What settings do you think would help achieve either of those sounds. I'm thinking adding a chorus or a flanger onto that wouldn't hurt, either.
  4. I tried searching the thread but I was curious about two things: 1. If anyone knows how Jeff/Nels create the guitar sounds at the end of Handshake Drugs (live)? It's this gigantic blast of sound and I was wondering what's creating it. I realize Nels is picking extremely fast and Jeff slightly behind but I cannot figure out what pedals they are using. Probably an echo/flanger mixed with something else. 2. What pedals/effects Jeff is using during the solo for At Least That's What You Said. Very Neil Young. I'm assuming lots of reverb to get the wet/slapback effect. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes I have. I love some of those songs but put them up next to Spiders or Bull Black Nova and tell me how similar they sound? I was just pointing out that I don't think Wilco qualifies as sounding more like the Grateful Dead than anyone else. I don't see how they sound like them at all, really besides the point I made earlier about Being There and probably AM. Someone else mentioned Uncle Tupelo and I'd have to say their probably closer (the later years) than Wilco is/was.
  6. The GREATEST band name of all time falls on two: 1. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch 2. The Brian Jonestown Massacre Both for obvious reasons.
  7. Totally agree with this comment. Especially 'Easy Plateau' and 'Goodbye Rose'. Anyways, back to Wilco and the person who started this thread, they sound nothing like the Grateful Dead. Some aspects of their songs (particularly Being There's more country/folksy numbers) are similar as both bands were steeped in traditional sounding songs: pedal steels, finger-picked acoustic, and the timbre in Jeff's voice can be somewhat reminiscent of Jerry's. But now, with Nels and this last album, absolutely not. In fact, I don't think there's anything on the last album that you could draw a line to. And
  8. The world is filled with stupid band names: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Dr. Dog, Eels, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Pearl Jam. Even Uncle Tupelo and Wilco are kind of dumb names when you REALLY think about them. But if the music is good the name will become numb to people after awhile. Personally, 'World Record Players' sounds like a Revue type band...which may work for you. It's kind of a soft/easy to forget type of name so you might have to work even harder to get people to notice. Just saying is all. Good luck.
  9. Wow, thank you. I cannot wait to get home from work. Thank you so much.
  10. I don't know, if someone wants to help me out that'd be cool. I've spent the better part of an hour scouring the internet trying to find those songs. I'll look some more once I get home from work. I'd hate to ask for a handout but I just can't find these. I have a bunch of rarities, b-sides, demos...etc. so I'd love to help someone out if they can help me. Anyways, thanks again.
  11. I was very underwhelmed the first time I had listened to this. I think some people were overtly excited when they heard Jeff talk about using the studio more this time...only to find out it just meant they overdubbed a few things here and there. I kept seeing everybody posting 'best album' or rating it very highly and I was just...what? Are we listening to the same album. I like the album okay now. It's not as 'important' as their others, but I don't think it ever tried to be. My biggest issues are some of the lyrics/aspects of the production. I hate the line 'Wilco will love you baby.' Just
  12. Ha ha. Thanks guys. Promos? Looks like I don't have a chance in hell in ever finding these songs. Oh well for being a completist. Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find these two songs or where they came from? I know they're older songs but I can't seem to find much information regarding them? Are they any good? What era...etc.
  14. In response to this, I didn't mean a creative decline. Obviously, they still write amazing songs. And I'm not expecting another YHF because that would be absolutely dumb. As a fan, there are certain things in the past that have always drawn me into Wilco: 1. Jeff's songwriting 2. The craftsmanship and attention to detail they put into their songs 3. The nuances you don't hear anyone else doing. When I say pushing the envelope/being creative, let me give you an example: On Sky Blue Sky, during 'Walken' there is a part where the song climaxes and all the instruments are building up to this f
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