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  1. Hi All, I'll be in Chicago for a few days with my family in July. I need to find a place for the four of us to stay. Downtown is looking a tad too expensive. For a trip to DC once we had great luck staying in Bethesda at a hotel that was literally on top of the Metro, making it easy to leave the car and take the train into the city. I'd like to duplicate that experience in Chicago but I don't know eneough about the CTA and the areas surrounding the various stations and what areas might be a candidate for this strategy. Any suggestions? Thanks, Michael
  2. Does anyone have any credible info for what the future might hold for Wilco touring? Would love to have them back to Western New York again.
  3. Thanks, Mate. I didn't think it was anything recent.
  4. It doesn't appear that they labeled the photo that is currently on the opening screen of WilcoWorld.net. Anyone know where that is?
  5. Damn. Oh, well. Thanks. I guess I need to get on that mailing list.
  6. I know what the currently scheduled dates are, but there is a big ol' gap over the Summer months. I'm wondering if they'll be filling those.
  7. Lots of Summer shows are being announced these days, but I haven't picked up the slightest clue as to whether Wilco will be on the road in the States this Summer. Actually, that may be the clue that they are not, but I was hoping someone may have some good information to suggest that they are. Anyone?
  8. I'm not totally against it. I think it's done beautifully at the end of You Are My Face. For me, however, it's too heavy handed in via Chicago, though the explnation about the El train provides just the explanation I was looking for when I started this thread and gives me a new context in which to think about it.
  9. I love Wilco, but one small beef I have is the use of dissonance in their songs, and yes, I realize that for many, this is probably heresy. But I'm dismayed and confused about it especially as it relates to the song via Chicago. It is such an incredible song, but I really don't know what they are trying to achieve with the sudden crashing cacophony in the middle of the song. Anyone have any insight to why they do that in this song? Thanks.
  10. Right now, Muzzle of Bees is the leader on the request list for the Montreal show. How likely is it that Wilco will actually honor that? I've only seen two shows so far, and only learned about the ability to request at the second one, so I'm curious about this. Thanks.
  11. What about "Country Disappeared". I think that one is a great vocal turn by Tweedy. I have no idea if you could find sheet music, however.
  12. Hi All, My wife and I would like to go to Montreal and the show just sold out. Indeed, this is a bit embarassing because tickets were so readily available for so long. Nonetheless, I was a bit lazy about securing child care, and should have known that our friends would never make a timely decision (we'll actually take 4 tix if you got 'em). So, my wife and I are definitely in if we can find a pair. Thank you, Shining Sunbeam AKA Michael from Rochester, NY mpeter@rochester.rr.com
  13. ... I was just hoping it would have been Rochester (or Buffalo, Syracuse, or Ithaca). Oh well, I'm looking forward to Montreal. I just hope the weather cooperates. It's a long drive from Western New York for that time of year.
  14. Hi All, Two topics in one here... I've become quite familiar with the Wilco catalog over the last year or so, but I don't know much about Wilco the band and who Tweedy and the others count among their influences. Anyone know? Secondly, who do you hear in their music? Here are a few of my observations. Hummingbird - The Beatles Monday and I'm the Man Who Loves You - The Rolling Stones Far, Far Away - Neil Young Theologians - David Bowie
  15. Wow, that site is great. I've thought of doing something like that for my hometown, Rochester, NY, but as great as it is in its own way, we don't have any hig-profile perfomers who live here, nor do we get all the big shows. Keep it up!
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