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  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing experience. I will try to get there if there's another one of these. Here's hoping these get the Roadcase treatment, to have 3 full sets without repeat would be I'm curious for those in attendance, how big are these shows? I've heard smallish but wondering what that means - like under 1000 people?
  2. I should caveat my last statement that the setting was perfect - I say that purely selfishly since I was right up front and really enjoyed the fresh air. For the band I'm sure it was less enjoyable playing for a half empty venue...
  3. So great to see these guys again after a few years away from Toronto. Some notes: - A fall Wilco show outdoors was perfect, I'm pretty sure it's last event in the calendar for that venue and the setting was great (although probably too big for a band like Wilco) - On the subject of empty seats, Jeff made a hilarious joke about booking a show on the same night as Yom Kippur and how they will never hire a "goy" to book their tour again. Truthfully, the crowd size was pretty good, just the venue was too big - War on War and How to Fight Loneliness are such amazing songs live - The new songs s
  4. Totally struck out for Toronto at 10am sharp... waited 30 minutes, came back and got an awesome pair of floor seats. Fuckin eh!
  5. lol I know the Canadian Greek girl he married, actually dated her for a short while back in University. Her husband can't write apparently.
  6. also, for the Canadians out there, War on Drugs remind me a lot of bands like Blue Rodeo, and Tom Cochrane. which is amazing
  7. huge fan of the last 2 records, and caught the show in Toronto last month. So very impressed. If there's a knock it's that their songs don't vary all that much overall, but they've nailed what they do extremely well. Anyone mention a Tom Petty influence? I get that in addition to some others mentioned above. Listen to these guys in a car, classic road trip music!
  8. yeah Seattle sounds fantastic, much bigger sound than the LA shows
  9. it's annoying that rar creation / extraction doesn't come preloaded on a Mac. Anyways, a couple of good ones to download unrarx - http://www.unrarx.com/ Rucksack - http://rucksack.en.softonic.com/mac
  10. I had an absolute blast last night! Sat on the lawn, so the sound and view weren't great but the music and vibe more than made up for it. Enjoyed MMJ a lot, from reading reviews on this tour I was a little worried it would take a while for the crowd to arrive and get into it, but I was pleasantly surprised by the decent crowd in the house for MMJ. Wilco were great as always, that cover of Suzanne sounded excellent! Love Dylan's set too and lucky to be the first to see Tweedy, James and Dylan on stage together. Last time in Toronto we got the first ever playing of "One Sunday Morning", se
  11. it's a good deal for sure, but I really wish they would start these shows earlier and max out the set lengths, I'd have no problem taking the afternoon off work for a 2pm start!
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