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  1. I have one spare ticket purchased through the Wilco pre-sale. Section 102 Row V Seat 6. Just looking to for face value $85.00.
  2. No kidding!! Honestly, no fuss no fanfare just "here you go - you"re welcome"!! And I'm enjoying it a LOT!
  3. Was starting to wonder about whether this event would happen or not myself last night (but also realizing how much work the shows must be to organize and understanding how it may not be feasible this year). There was a 2 month lead time on ticket sales last time (tix went on sale mid December 2013).
  4. Finally my timing is right - thanks for the link and the party invite!
  5. The webcast started at about 5:09 so I don`t have the first part of the set list, but this is what I managed to scribble down: Ashes HummingbirdIATTBYHArt of AlmostI Might (problems with Jeff`s Guitar)Via ChicagoThe Whole LoveBox Full of LettersI`m Always in Love Side with the SeedsGive Back the Key to my Heart (with Mickey Rafael)Hesitating BeautyLate GreatsHeavy Metal DrummerAirline to Heaven (with a little sample of Heavy Metal Drummer tacked on to the end!)Hoodoo Voodoo (with a shirtless Josh on cowbell)Outta mind outta sight
  6. Given the amount of time normally allotted for musical spots, I'm guessing it won't be anything too long.
  7. Thanks so much from one of those non-torrent people!
  8. It's hard to comprehend this being published in the National Post - unreal. That said, a bunch of us waiting to move up front after the photographers were ushered out after the first 3 songs wondered about just what the criteria were for getting media wristbands...I swear there were "photographers" there who looked like they were 16 using iPhones for their photo shoot. I guess personal blogs count! The NP review is pathetic - they didn't even use a photo from the event! The festival is in its infancy, but I thought it was well organized and I would definitely go again. For a better
  9. I'm technically challenged and I also have a lousy memory, but here is a shot (hopefully) of the setlist from last night's show. The order of the songs was not as listed and they didn't play Whole Love or Airplane, but did play Passenger Side, ITMWLY...maybe one more...(I'll Sing It? - don't quote me). No encores at this festival (they didn't close). I thought it was a fun, loose show with lots of joking with the crowd. I think Jeff spotted some people "singing along" with the new material (kind of hard to do since the record isn't out) yet and he made a wise crack to the effect that every
  10. Hope this single shows up at all of the shows - cool :-)
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