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  1. Hey anthony- thanks for taking a crack at this. Always appreciate your efforts on these tunes. Looking forward to giving it a shot when i get home tonight. I doubt I will have anything to add, but will do so here if I do. Edit: I am messing around with this now, and it sounds to me like a straight A chord after those Em chords. As I am sure you know, Jeff fingers his A chords weird so it certainly looks like an Am in the video. My ears are trumping my eyes on this one. What do you think?
  2. I know that the vinyl set is 3 LPs and does not include all the tracks from the "Complete" version being released on 6 cds. Does anyone know if the vinyl set will have download codes for the songs on the 3 LPs? Any chance there is a download code for the 6 cd version in the LP set? In other words, what is the best way to get the vinyl and all the songs on the 6 cd version? This is making my head hurt.
  3. Ahh, all you youngsters. Years ago this board was littered with non stop complaints from fools about how Wilco never changed their setlists and were too predictable at shows. Tell em bbop. We also walked to school barefoot and uphill both ways around here back then. *Puffs pipe*
  4. Awesome. I am watching my video at home now and it is not very good. The audio is good, though. if i got a better sample than you, i will post, but otherwise, the community rests in your hands. I missed the killed it comment on video either way. Post away, smf. Long live wilco.
  5. Ha! Thanks for not commenting on my comment. It is what it is. Never got into them. But hey, I sang along with everyone else!! Give me a choice between sending everyone home from a 3 night run with Kicking Television or Ripple though, and it ain't close. I'm serious. You'll see. Video to come.
  6. Not only did they close with Ripple. The audience sang the whole song. The band didn't sing one word. I've got a crappy video of it that I can upload if anyone is interested. When it was over, Jeff said "you killed it!" to the crowd. Pretty awesome way to end the run even if I don't like the dead.
  7. i lost track of how many wilco shows i have seen a long time ago, but last night's show in portchester is the reason why i keep going. The energy and tightness of the band was amazing. I had assumed a bit of sloppiness given jeff's focus on the TWEEDY project recently. but boy was I wrong. the highlights for me were sunken treasure, which rocked (no acoustic/harmonica), and spiders. Also, it felt like a bit of the old days - maybe a show from the AGIB tour with all the selections from that album. Handshake drugs, hummingbird, I'm a wheel, theologians, spiders, at least that's what you
  8. Apologies and a thousand lashes if this has been asked 100x and is clearly indicated in whatever obvious spot I haven't looked yet. Do the LPs come with a digital download? Thanks/sorry.
  9. Shit yeah. too bad the whole thing isn't available on vinyl.
  10. Its better than interesting! Here is another website with some live links. http://thesteamengine.net/the-treasury/ryan-adams/sessionsraritieseverything-else/
  11. Hey ya'll. I've been on a long journey through the farthest reaches of the internet, and I am back with gifts. Please have a mod delete this if it is inappropriate. Not everything i was looking for, but a bunch of it, and some other stuff i didn't know existed. Enjoy fellow DRA VCers! http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?81047-the-ryan-adams-whiskeytown-unreleased-albums-*all-legal*-share-thread(flac)
  12. Thanks Aman. I see the reference to the other Ryan Adams thread, but most of the links there are from 2009, so I assume they are dead. I will check them out, though. Thanks!
  13. hoping he announces a NYC show. He used to be one of us, he has to, right?! Was just remarking to my wife how special his Town Hall residency was in 2006 in midtown. 3 straight nights with the cardinals and no repeats. Cant believe that was 8 years ago. ugh. Meanwhile, i hate to be that guy, but can someone suggest a place that I can find the unreleased Ryan stuff? Suicide Handbook, 48 days, destroyer, etc? All the places i see online look like sketchy internet places that worry me. Anyone know a safe place to go? Thanks!
  14. Touché, Lammy. Just glad to hear others are digging the album too. As far as I am concerned, everything Greg does is great.
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