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  1. He just let me know he was able to sell it on AXS. I am sorry. I will cancel it. 

  2. I have been traveling and am in Nashville. I can put you in touch with my pal who has it. My # is 414-223-4843. 

  3. He was great. When he announced a band (and he did Wilco numerous times over the years), you knew it was going to be a great show. Sad day for Chicago radio.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane. I was at the Riv with the Peaches sing along. Great moments in rock…
  5. Last night - Arcade Fire at United Center.
  6. Caught The Who last night in Chicago. Well worth it. I have a few songs on my Lifetime Wish List (Talk Show Host by Radiohead, Feed of Man by Wilco, ahem - done, to name a few), and Naked Eye by The Who. They played it, and it was well worth the wait. Damn. 5:15 also cooked.
  7. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/wilco-yankee-hotel-foxtrot-super-deluxe-edition/ If you are on the fence, this should impact your decision.
  8. Roger Waters @United Center
  9. Same here - waited two years for it. I have seen him three other times, and they all were excellent. Looking forward to it!
  10. Going in ten days in Chicago.
  11. I just hope those who think this is all a partisan witch hunt take time to actually watch these hearings. All Republican officials explaining what went on. Powerful and riveting. And better than watching The Price is Right and Kelly Clarkson.
  12. Great to hear. I will see them in Chicago.
  13. Please report back - hope it is a good one…
  14. Fontaines DC last night at the Vic in Chicago
  15. Completely agree with Madcap’s commentary. Terrific show.
  16. Anyone else get their cereal and beer?
  17. Here is a positive spin on this: several years ago they played the Incredibly Shrinking Tour where they went from large venue (Opera House) to small club. Maybe this is the Incredibly Increasing Setlist tour, adding three extra songs per show, one guest performer from the past, and by the end Thax Douglass is back to read his poems. Yeah, right…
  18. How cool would it be if they bring back the Willy Wonka Intro music for these shows…
  19. They were on my wish list of bands I regret not seeing in the past. I am so glad I went! They were great! The energy was fabulous. It is amazing to sing with a few hundred others Kiss This Thing Goodbye and Be My Downfall. Currie is an extremely underrated songwriter and was glad I could be there to hear these live.
  20. Del Amitri last night at the Vic in Chicago. Great power pop!
  21. A great listen as the guys from Sound Opinions reflect back on YHF 20th Anniversary. This will get those attending the shows pretty fired up. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sound-opinions/id94793843?i=1000556610495
  22. Unsure as to how many were there from the board, but it was a pretty good showing in terms of attendance. The movie really is a nice tribute to Jay. You get the impression that he was dealing with some issues, including substance use. He clearly made a lot of close connections. Good band footage. Ken Coomer, JP, and Ed Burch get a lot of air time. No one from the band, including Tony M are interviewed nor is Jay’s ex-wife. If anything, miscommunication and poor editing of the I Am Trying to Break Your Heart doc was a factor in the dismissal. I wonder if they just were able to sit down and clea
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